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Re: Vegetarianism

From: Mohan T L (
Date: Tue Nov 20 2001 - 01:39:04 PST

Hari Hari,

Adiyen would like to add a few words about this
discussion on "Vegetarianism". This is just my
personal feeling. I have not regularly read earlier
postings on this matter. With that, I am sorry if I am
repeating the opinion of any other Bhaagavatha.

Many times, it is really disturbing to think of the
fact that we need to kill or injure a plant for our
eating. In that line of thinking, it is as applicable
to animals also. After all, we are troubling another
living being for our living. This naturally leads to
conclusion that cutting plants is no Ahimsa.

But the definition or understanding of LIFE itself may
provide some answer for these sorts of confusions.

In troubling an animal (i.e. Deham of an animal),
there is an AATMAN associated with that Deham who is
the pramaanam (i.e. witnessing or undergoing that
trouble to the body / Deham). Hence probably, I feel
we should not be doing that. But is the case same with
the body of a Plant ? I do not think so. I do not feel
that there is an AATMAN associated with a plant body
who is the witness / pramaanam for the (or undergoes
the) torture on the plant body. I feel, probably it is
for this reason, cutting plants is not considered as

Adiyen,s alpa buddhi has thought so. Learned members
of the group may kindly correct me for my ignorance.

Hari Hari

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