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kannanai ninaiththaalum sugame - post 15

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Sun Nov 18 2001 - 23:28:20 PST

Dear Srivaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

Continuing the "kaNNanai ninaiththaal sugam" series, in post 14, we relished
aaNdaaL saying "paavigaaL ungaLukku Echchuk kolO". Hey girls, when my
krishNan is doing things for the benefit of all, do these things make you
laugh at him, that too when this child krishNan is not even aged 10. What
all he did- 
*	kaRRinam mEikkilum mEikkap peRRaan  
*	kaadu vaazh sadhiyum aagap peRRaan
*	PaRRi uralidai aappum uNdaan 
*	kaaligaL uyya mazhai thaduththu gOvardhanaththai koRRak
kudaiyaagavEnthi ninRaan.

Each of these happened at the command of somebody, kaNNan was involved,
results were benefits to many. When Lord does any small thing, it results as
benefits to many and not one. 

Now studying in detail one by one-
kaRRinam mEikkilum mEikkap peRRaan- mother yasOdhaa commanded her son to
graze the calves. KrishNa did. One action- two fruits. 1. All aaippaadi
children enjoyed the company of lord. 2. Cows yielded more milk than usual.

kaadu vaazh sadhiyum aagap peRRaan- 1. since lord roamed in the forests
grazing the calves, hunters got the dharsanam of the lord [lord reaching the
bhakthaas place and giving the darsanam] 2. We got that confirmation of the
lord's soulabhyam of mingling with hunters etc.

PaRRi uralidai aappum uNdaan- as a punishment meted out to kaNNan for his
mischief, based on complaint by other gopies, mother yasOdha tied him to
mortar. One action - 6 benefits- 
1. gopees satisfied that mischievous krishna got punished, 
2. mother got satisfaction that she was able to contain the child from doing
3. mother got the extreme satisfaction of binding the Lord by her love, 
4. the superiority of mother's love [vaanchai] to her children established
5. Lord relieved the saabham of naLa kooparan and maNigreevan the 2
6. Lord got a new name dhaamOdharan - we have one more naama to chant

Hey girls- Are these simple things to do- paavigaaL ungalukku Echchuk kolO
kaRRana pEsi vasavuNaadhE kaaligaL uyya mazhai thaduththu koRRak kudaiyaaga
gOvardhanaththai Enthi ninRaan - hey girls, ok, even if, we consider these
are simple things-can any body even think of doing this lifting of hill.

This word kaaligal has 2 meanings. 1- rogues, 2- cows and calves. Hey
sinners- paavigaaL ungalukku Echchuk kolO, kaaligaL, kaRRana pEsi
vasavuNaadhE- is it mockery for you- rogues- do not talk wrongly what you
learnt from others and eat curse from me. [Second meaning known].

Another point to learn from this "kaRRinam mEikkilum mEikkap peRRaan".
Mother ordered kaRRinam mEi. But what he did- mEikkap peRRaan - he led
others to do the job for him- leading others from the front. See here
kaNNan- a born leader- exhibiting leadership qualities even just at his
birth- commanding dear father do this, do that etc. later, kaNNan obeys
mother's orders. A leader also must obey orders from others and show others
that leader has not only to lead, must also obey others orders when that
need arise, so that others will follow his orders - that is leadership. See
the modern management science techniques are very simply put across in few

Now, I get a doubt, whether such a fond mother will order her pet child -
knowing fully well that the child is under constant threat for his life- or
the child lord himself volunteered to do the work, for, hey bhakthaas- for
just now we saw lord leading from front. 

Only by way of anticipating / answering such questions, aaNdaal says "please
check with my father for he has one full padhigam on this. 

Mother yasOdhaa says, I sent my pet child krishna to graze the calves- 3-2-
1 to 9 verses. yasOdhai kazhaRiya- yasOdhai lamented- says aazhvaar in verse
10. A beauty in every way - every aspect- even to draft tears cover the eyes
- prevent the eyes in seeing thereby stopping the fingers to type- the
anxiety of mother - heart throb is so much. Read and feel it- 

1.	kazhal adi nOvak kanRin pin en seyap piLLaiyaip pOkkinEn ellE
	- the feet which wears the beautiful anklets were driven by me
behind the calves- oh what a sin- now what can I do- except repent.
2.	vEdar kaanidaik kanRin pin eRRukken piLLaiyaip pOkkinEn ellE paavamE
	5. vEdar kaanidaik kanRin pin dheivath thalaivanaip pOkkinEn ellE
	oh, I drove my son, who is the lord of dhEvaas the demigods, behind
the calves into the forests where hunters roam- oh what a sin- now what can
I do- except repent.

3.	kaanatharidaik kanRin pin en maNivaNNanaip pOkkinEn ellE paavamE
4.	kaanatharidaik kanRin pin eNNaRkariyaanaip pOkkinEn ellE paavamE
6.	kaanatharidaik kanRin pin idaRa en piLLaiyaip pOkkinEn ellE paavamE
7.	kaanatharidaik kanRin pin puLLin thalaivanaip pOkkinEn ellE paavamE
	oh, I sent 
*	my maNivaNNan- gem coloured lord, 
*	eNNaRkariyaan- difficult to contemplate and get him fully in mind, 
*	en piLLai- my son, 
*	puLLin thalaivan- king of birds- garuda is the king of bird, lord is
the boss of garuda, so lord is the king of birds directly and indirectly
	behind the calves into the forest, oh what a sin- now what can I do
- except repent.

8. kaanirk kanRin pin en iLam singaththaip pOkkinEn ellE paavamE- oh, I
drove my son, who is the young lion, behind the calves into the forests - oh
what a sin- now what can I do- except repent.

9.	kaanidaik kaaladi nOvak kanRin pin kodiyanEn piLLaiyaip pOkkinEn
ellE paavamE
oh, I drove my son, behind the calves into the forests where he will have
pain of walking a long distance -what a harsh person I am- what a sin- now
what can I do- except repent.

All are very enjoyable from a bhakthaas angle- krishNanai entha vidhamaaga
ninaiththaalum sugamE.

See the pick of names periyaazhvaar uses here. May be once all these are
collected in one place it is another krishNa sahasranaamam- krishna -
		Anjana vaNNanai
		Aayar kulak kozhunthinai
		MaNi vaNNanai
		KaNNukku iniyaanai
		PuLLin thalaivanai
		ILam singaththai
		EnRum enakku iniyaanai

Just a small point on this "iLam singam". Aazhvaar- yaSodhai calls "en iLam
singaththai". AaNdaal uses very same words in her very first verse in
thiruppaavai. Similarly the "gOvardhanam ennum koRRak kudai" what aazhvaar
uses is used by aaNdaaL. Just following the aachaaryan.

This also triggers another thought on this kudai- srimadh bhagavatham says
"chathraakam iva"- slokam 19, 25th chapter. [refer post 12]. The general
meaning referred is mushroom to show the easiness with which lord lifted the
gOvardhanam. Another meaning of this chathraakam is parasol- which means a
light umbrella used to protect from sunlight. GOvardhanam became a light
umbrella for my krishna.

Another small point- see the words "kazhaladi nOva, kaladi nOva. VEdar
kaanidai kana tharidai" are repeated in verse after verse. When a mistake is
done anybody start repenting. This is common human psychology. The repenting
will be done saying repeatedly, using different words for just the same
action. This is so nicely brought out in this padhigam by aazhvaar. 

We will enjoy the beautiful sthuthi of krishna by dhEvendhran in next post.


Vasudevan  M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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