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Re: [SriRangaSri] Vegetarianism - Plants have life too. (Seek Answers)
Date: Mon Nov 19 2001 - 10:37:14 PST

--- In bhakti-list@y..., "Varadakrishna" <varadakrishna@g...> wrote:
> Another interesting way to look at this is to refer to the sloka in 
> Bhagavat Gita where Lord Sri Krishna declares that He would accept 
> pushpam, phalam ...
> This resolves the issue at one level If we are to take only 
prasadam - what
> is first offered with devotion and love to the Lord, we can only 
eat what
> the Lord accepts So, patram, pushpam, phalam  ie vegetarian items 
is what is
> permitted

Dear Varadakrishna,

You are correct that the vegetarian lifestyle is recommended and
highly preferred for a Vaishnava. However, when Lord Krishna
tells us that he will accept even 'patram pushpam, phalam, toyam'
(a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or some water) as offering, it has
no bearing on vegetarianism. Lord Krishna seeks to impress upon
us how easy it is to worship him -- one need not go to great
efforts as required by mundane endeavors or other deities, nor
does one need to be of high status, high birth, or of great wealth.
He is pleased by the love that is in the heart, and not by the
immensity of the offering.  For is He not described as 'satyakAma',
one whose desires are immediately satisfied by His own will? 
If so, he needs nothing material from us.

To compare, I urge you to peruse Tiruvaymoli 1.6 -- parivadil 
Isanai paadi -- with the beautiful commentaries that form 
the Bhagavad Visayam.  This aspect of the Lord's teaching of
the Gita is fully mirrored in this set of ten verses.

aDiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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