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Re: srichoorna paripAlanai- reason

From: sridhar .S (
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 23:58:32 PST

"In the interests of accuracy, it should be pointed
out that the attainment of moksha is possible only
through the grace of the Lord who is the paramAtman
seated within the heart."

The statement above is entirely true but 

" Association with Sri Ramanuja or Sri Ramanuja's
tradition is neither necessary nor sufficient to
attain the moksha rather, it is a helpful factor
perhaps the most helpful factor) on the way to
becoming a jnAni, a 'wise one'."

while the statement above is contradictory,
I would like to mention the incident in Sri Ramanuja's
life on a paguni uttaram day when acharyar sung the
divine nector saranagathi gadyam invoking thayar and
Sri ranganathar.

In this he clearly requests that thayar has her
kataksham on all those associated with sri vaishnavism
and those initiated with the dvayam and thayar grants
sri ramanujar this gift

And if a person has the kataksham of Thayar , then
automatically one has the favour of the lord.

and another point i would like to mention is that one
need not be a jnani to attain moksha , one needs to
have ultimate faith and devotion towards the lord.
Gajendra moksha is an clear indication of this,
gajendra being a elephant had lost all his
intelligence and wisdom he had as a gandharva and the
only t hing he knew bwas that lord hari would help him
and protect him.

another incidence is of dhruva , being a child, all
that he knew was the lord would help him.

also the great alwars have sung many pasurams like
Verundrum nan araiyen............

so it can concluded that 
Association with Sri Ramanuja or Sri Ramanuja's
tradition is necessary not only to become wise but
also to attain moksha.

Also to be noted that a person cannot attain moksha
without the guidance of an acharya.
so if one does not associate with Sri Ramanuja or Sri
Ramanuja's tradition or any tradition ( dvaita ,
advaita or vishista advaita ), it is sure that one
does not have a guru. and without the blessings of a
guru, the doors of moksha are closed.

and even if one follows any other tradition, the
moksha can be given by only one person and thats the
supreme purusha that the vedas have declared as Sri

Sri: Adiyen

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