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Srivaishnavism and Brahmanism

From: Mr Krishnan Ayyangar (
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 20:10:49 PST

Dear Vaishnava Bhaktas,

I have been reading all the material being posted on
the above subject with interest and with some fear.

I am inclined to accept U Ve Narayanan's views that it
is more important to firmly believe in Srivaishnavism
that to parade one's brahmin status.

If I recall correctly, Mr Shastri who wrote the
original letter, wanted some guidance on the
sociological aspects of the issue. While belief is one
thing that cannot be compromised, matter being given
to a research scholar should be unbiased.

I have to request that each one of us willing to give
his/her considered opinion should exercise only the
test of truth and not of sentiment when discussing
something of immense sociological value.

May truth alone be our guide, because those who forget
or falsify history are condemned to repeat it. We must
also remember that Srivaishnavism does not depend on
our strength to survive or to defend it.

It is a wonderful and strong philosophy that will
survive on its own.

My pranams at the feet of all Srivaishnavites,
brahmins and otherwise.

Krishnan N. Ayyangar,
15/5, Sri Lakshmi Street,
Chennai - 600061
Tamilnadu, India
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