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Why Vegetarianism - Plants have life too (Some Answers)

From: Rajaram Venkataramani (
Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 08:55:11 PST

Dear devotees -

The following are the reasons for "vegetarianism" : 

1. The food is categorized as sattvic, rajasic and
tamasic. For spiritual advancement, one has to take
sattvic food. Most vegetarian food is sattvic. Some of
the vegetables like onion, garlic, mushrooms, even
vegetarian food that is stored for longer than 3 hours
are tamasic and should be avoided. 

2. There is a definite gradation in himsa. Obviously
pain faced by plants are less intense in nature
compared to animals. However, there is sin in eating
food because there is pain. However to maintain the
body one has to eat. So one should offer vegetarian
food to the Lord and honor remnants as prasadam. As
everything is meant for His satisfaction (Hrishikesa),
there is no sin for Him. 

3. When vedic sacrifices were performed, the animals
were given superior bodies by the potency of the
brahmins who performed the yajnas.  As remnants of
yajna there was no sin in eating animal flesh.THAT IS
NOT TRUE IN THIS AGE OF KALI. So the use of uluttam
paruppu etc. is recommended in the place of meat while
performing those yajnas. (Pl. note that even those
yajnas are not very powerful in this age. One
therefore begins and ands every sacrifice with the
name of Krishna).

4. What to speak of vedas, even in  islam animal
killing is prohibited. They are advised to perform
"halal". Most muslims dont even know that. Most people
(Seventh Day Adventis for example) believe that Jesus
was a vegetarian and Christianity preaches
vegetarianism. Thou shall not kill is one of the ten
commandments but they assume that kill does not refer
to animal. The reason is obvious - If you do not allow
freedom in sex and eating, it is difficult have
followers in this world. 

Yours humbly 

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