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Vegetarianism - Plants have life too. (Seek Answers)

From: Pattangi (
Date: Mon Nov 12 2001 - 15:47:20 PST

srImathE rAmAnujAya namaha

Original Q:  Plants have life as well, so how do we justify killing the plant (Eating Fruits & Grains etc)
adiyEn received many wonderful points from many devotees (adiyEn thanks with all for sharing) 

some Qs were raised back, adiyEn would try to put the points (But the basic Qs still remains, none of the Ans
have satisfied as to how we can kill and eat a living plant.

One devotee wanted to know where in the Vedas is Non-Veg Allowed:
Indicated the practice of eating meats by Brahmins.

Smrithis like Yagnya Valkya Smrithi talk about the menus "Non Vegetarian"
to be served on Shradham days.  
(With explicit details on the Animal and how to cook and feed them for Brahmins.)

We also know about the Vathapi-Ilvalan-Agastya Story in Mahabharatha
Delicious meats served to Brahmins (With their knowledge) considered delicacy.
Story ends as: "Vathapi Jeerno Bhava" and the demon was killed in the stomach of the Brahmin.

There are many many instances.

In Todays world, for all Vaishnavas - Vegetariansm is a Prerequisite and a must.
(And rightfully so, but how do we justify killing plants)

Brahmins and Vaishnavas asked by another devotee:
:--Vegetarianism is One of the Basic Tenets of  (Brahminism). 
:--The Brahmins(the knowledge caste) have to remain vegetarian 


The word Brahmin is virtually non-appicable to 99% of the so called born brahmins
(How many do Agnihotra (in grahastashrama), Samhita Danam (as a Brahmachari)
- Many would not even know what this is? 
How many do BrahmaYagyam, and perform all the daily duties laid out for us.

(TriKala Sandhya, Vedas, Nityanushtanam is for all 3 Varnas, Not just Brahmins, we should
strive to perform as much of the NityaAnushtanam as possible)

So lets just drop this Brahminism in public lists, and Stick to the Vaishnava
(Even this is a very Loaded term) but its is at least approachable/ attainable by all.

Also another devotee's statement listed below is incorrect:

:-- Vaishnavism has nothing to do with vegetarianism

For all aspiring Vaishnavas, being a Vegetarian is a must (There is ample proof in
from Ahara Niyamam, Dinacharyas etc). Almost all the current Madadhipathis,  and 
Acharya Purushas will request Strict Vegetariansm by default before 
performing Samashreyanam.

As an aspiring Vaishanva (Please do not bring in any caste here) 
We can discuss the Caste issue in another thread or seperately (off list if needed)

We have to offer every thing we eat to the lord and then take it as prasadam.
We cannot offer (Non-vegetarian) Compraing to Guhan is not accepted as this is the exception and 
not the Norm. (Lord Krishna in Bhagawad Gita says: Offer Fruit, Flower or leaf.....) 

Vaishnavism is the final solution for all beings.

========End of Replies to Qs and points rasied ===========================
Original Qs: How can we justify killing and eating plants (Fruits with seeds & Grains are alive when we eat it)
Is there any other ans: Apart from No feeling of pain, no conciousness, & no central nervous system for plants.

azhwAr emberumAnAr JeeyAr thiruvadigalE saranam

adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan
Mukundan Vangkipuram Pattangi

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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