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srichoorna paripAlanai- reason

From: Sheela Belur (
Date: Sun Nov 11 2001 - 10:34:35 PST

>In the interests of accuracy, it should be pointed out that
>the attainment of moksha is possible only through the grace
>of the Lord who is the paramAtman seated within the heart.
>Association with Sri Ramanuja or Sri Ramanuja's tradition
>is neither necessary nor sufficient to attain the moksha;
>rather, it is a helpful factor (perhaps the most helpful 
>factor) on the way to becoming a jnAni, a 'wise one'. 

  My humble  request to you and whoever believes as above, please
make an effort to listen to today's most wonderful upanyasam by
U.Ve.Velukkudi swamin on Ramanuja Sambhandham, the recorded tape of
which may be available from Sri Mukundan.

>Sri Ramanuja explains, following up on Lord Krishna's remarks,
>the jnAni is one who has an unbearable thirst for the Lord and
>the Lord alone.  Sri Ramanuja also clarifies so explicitly in
>Sribhashya, the Lord alone is once again the 'setu' to 'amRta' 
>-- the bridge to immortality.  The jnAni recognizes this in his 
>or her very being and is therefore is that rare vessel that is 
>completely filled with the grace of the Lord.

When this question was posed to U.Ve.Velukkudi Swamin the answer was 
that this (Lord's nirhethuka kripai/grace being the ONLY means for
moksha)is for one with Gnana , Bhakthi, Vairagyam and NOT for
ordinary people like us. For the latter it IS ONLY rAmAnuja
sambhandham and once that is truly there , even the grace of the
Lord is automatic! What constitutes rAmAnuja sambhandham will be
something that will be covered in the next upanyasam by Velukkudi

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