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Re: srichoorna paripAlanai- reason
Date: Sat Nov 10 2001 - 08:17:34 PST

> > prior to that, this one is a "special body" in
> view of the fact 
> that 
> > while in that body, the Atman went thru pancha
> samskaram through 
> the 
> > grace of an Acharya and ultimately attained
> paramapadam due to 
> > rAmAnuja sambhandham.

The speciality of the body is that it belongs to
the Lord. The process of samskaram basically is
performing ahuti with the body. The body is offered
as havis into the funeral pyre. The sankalpa,
is done as "paramapada prAptyartham". The soul has
already departed to its owner. There is no use for
the body. Now, the body is offered through fire
to the Lord. Since the body belongs to the Lord,
and is going to be offered to Him, it is adorned
with the markings of a vaishNava vasthu - i.e.
thirumaN/srIchUrNam. It is interesting to note that
many communities (predominantly the non-brahmin
communities) call the whole process as "nArAyaNa 
bali" or "thirunArAyaNa bali". For some reason,
the brahmin community in tamizhnAdu does not use
that name, which seems quite apt for the process.

similar to the above, the process 
of samasrayaNam signifies our thinking
ourselves as acEtana vasthus in complete servitude
to the Lord, and the putting of markings that denote
the ownership - i.e. the sanku and chakkaram on the
vasthu - recall periyAzhvAr thirumozhi 
senniyOngu pathigam - ennaiyum en udaimaiyaiyum un
chakkarap poRi oRRik koNdu; thiruvAymozhi - uruvaar
chakkaram sangu sumandhu ingu ummOdu

adiyEn madhurakavi dAsan,

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