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Srimath Azhagiya Singar's approaching 75th Birthday completion celebration (Nov 26): Vedic Reflections NavAham (Nine days of salutation based on the Seventh canto Rg Veda Manthrams ): Seventh Day of salutation to the Vaibhavam of HH Sri NaarAyaNa YathIndhra MahA Desikan ...NavAham :Part VIII

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 19:53:24 PST

Dear Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha BhakthAs:

There are indeed many insightful words in
the Rg Vedam in the Sapthama Mandalam .
We covered seven of them in the last three
postings :Usharbhuda:, anthivAma: , SumEdhA ,
HiraNyavAsi ,Urugaaya:,Sadarchasa and Sujanimaa.

The Lord's amsam is AchAryan
These Vedic salutations referring to the Lord 
extend to my AchAryan , HH Sri NaarAyana 
YathIndhra MahA Desikan as well , since He is 
my nadamAdum dhaivam ( walking God) as it 
should be for any Sishyan , when it comes to
the relationship between a SadAchAryan
and His sishya vargam. As the one priveleged to
wear the sacred dust from the paadhukai of 
my AchAryan , adiyEn has a sense of fulfilment
that is pouring out through these NavAham
postings.Please bear with my exhuberant
salutations ! 

A Humble Appeal to aasthika samUham
May I appeal to every one of you to join in
this grand celebration as this great AchAryan as
He crosses the important mile stone of 75 years
and His crossing the 10th year as the Head of
the Sri Matam created by none other than 
BhagavAn Narasimhan Himself out of His 
KaaruNyam for all of us samsAris.The day is 
November 26, Kaisika EkAdasi dinam. The celebrations
are at SelayUr , a village near Taambaram , 
an extended suburb of Chennai. Please join in
all the five or more days Veda PaarAyaNam 
and Vidvath Sadas!  

The SamarpaNams from the SishyAs and abhimAnis 
will be used to support Veda PaatasAlAs , 
Vidvath sadas , anna dhAnam , Temple support 
and other causes to reach out to younger bhakthAs.

How to participate in this AchArya Vandhanam?
This is an earnest and only appeal from me 
for the rest of this year . Please forward your samarpaNams 
and address your checks to "Sri Ahobila Muth Inc.,"
and forward them to the following address of
the Sri Ahobila Mutt North America office,
1908 Presswood Drive , Hixson, TN 337 343 .
These samarpaNams are 100% tax deducible from
the U.S Tax Point of view. Thank you most sincerely
for your generous support . One of the sishyAs is
hand carrying the samarpaNams from here by hand
on November 16 and hence the checks that are received
before Nov 14 can be included in this samarpanam. 
I just sent in my samarpaNam. Thanks again for your
possible participation. We will now return to our
study of the Sapthama MaNdala Rg VedaManthrams.

Rg Veda Manthram VII.8.6
This manthram has a most beautiful word that
extolls another auspicious quality of a sadAchAryan:
"dhvibarha:". This meaningful word refers to 
the twin qualities , which are the hall marks of
a SadAchAryan : (1) profound learning (2) Humility
that goes with that learning. Saayanaa defines
a Dhvibarhan as " DhvAbhyAm VidhyA VinayAbhyAm
Barha: vardhana yasya Sa: ". As a Vasishtar, 
such a great AchAryan is at home with the world
of the sishyAs ( LeelA VibhUthi) and that of 
the Lord (Nithya VibhUthi). He blesses the sishyan with 
His vidhyaa Balam and confers with the Lord through
His anushtAnam and aarAdhanam . One is reminded of
AchArya RaamAnujA and His mood, when He composed
Sri Vaikunta Gadhyam on that Panguni Uttharam day
at Srirangam . His feet were firmly planted in
front of the dhivya dampathis at their Leela VibhUthi
and by Jn~ana Yogam , He was able to visualize the same 
Lord seated in Parama Padham and conversed with Him .

The entire manthram housing the word "Dhvibarha:"
takes this form:

idham vacha: sadasA: samsahasram udh 
agnayE janishIshta DHVIBARHAA:
sam yath sthOthrubhya aapayE bhavAthi
dhyumadh amivachaatanam rakshOhaa 
--Rg Rk: VII.8.6

(Meaning ): " May my words that win a hundred and
a thousand treasures , addressed with redoubled force 
to the Supreme One , become the source of conferring 
fame , of removing diseases and of destroying evil
forces ! May they be the means of Happiness , to 
the eulogists and their kinsmen."

The Vedic reference is to the Lord , who is great 
both in the atmospheric and celestial regions and
in fact everywhere as SarvAntharyAmi VishNu through
His vyApthi (pervasive presence). The redoubled force 
alluded to in this manthram is the VidhyA and Vinayam .
They go together in MahAthmAs like sadAchAryans (VidhyA
dhatdhAthi Vinayam ). Such is Sri NaarAyaNa YathIndhra
MahA Desikan , who blesses us through these twin gifts !
The fame that goes ahead of such a mahAthmA is like 
the fragrance that goes ahead of the Flower .Such a 
renown is referred to by Rg Vedam as" Sravasa:" (Rk
VII.16.10). Here Vedam qualifies that "Sravas "
as "SravasO Maha:" (the great renown , when VidhyA 
is accompanied by Vinayam as in the case of a Dhvibarhan.

In the final posting of tomorrow ( the ninth of 
the NavAham series ),adiyEn will place at the feet of
Sri NaarAyaNa YathIndhra MahA Desikan a Naama PushpAnjali.

adiyEn concludes this posting with the moving prayer
housed in the Rg Veda Rk , VII.85:

" I offer my devotional love that shines like 
a dawn , and is an embodiment of affection .
May He , in both capacities , be near us and 
guard us duirng the struggle against distress".

Thanking you all for your participation in 
the Thirunakshathram celebrations of this
great Sri VaishNavite AchAryan of exceptional
erudition and Vinayam in addition to all other
auspicious attributes covered earlier.

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan   

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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