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Srimath Azhagiya Singar's approaching 75th Birthday completion celebration (Nov 26): Vedic Reflections NavAham (Nine days of salutation based on the Seventh canto Rg Veda Manthrams ): Seventh Day of salutation to the Vaibhavam of HH Sri NaarAyaNa YathIndhra MahA Desikan ...NavAham :Part VII

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 09:36:25 PST

Dear Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha BhakthAs:

There are many insightful words in
the Rg Vedam in the Sapthama Mandalam .
We covered Four of them in the last two
postings :Usharbhuda:, anthivAma: , SumEdhA 
and HiraNyavAsi .
These words caught my attention in the context of 
my illustrious AchAryan , HH Sri NaarAyana 
YathIndhra MahA Desikan's kalyANa gunams .

In this seventh day's posting , adiyEn will
focus on three more Saptha ManDalam words 
that qualifies Sri NarAyaNa YathIndhra MahA 
Desikan as an AchArya Saarvabhouman.

1. UrugAya:( Rg Rk VII.100.1) 
UrugAya: means the One , who is widely renowned .
" UrugAyAya Bahubhi: keerthaneeyAya " is the definition
of this word by Saayanaa .His scholarship is renowned.
His AchAram , anushtAnam and Guru Bhakthi is renowned.
Such is the wide remown of asmath AchAryan .

The entire manthram is :

nU marthO dayathE sannishyanyO 
VishNava UrugAyaya dhAsath
pra ya: sathrAcha manasA yajAtha 
yEthAvantham naryam avi-vAsAth
--Rk VII. 100.1

(Meaning): " The mortal who covets wealth 
has no disppointments , in case he presents 
his homage to the widely renowned all-pervading
Lord and in case he worships Him with solely 
devoted and dedicated mind. Our reverence to
such a great benefactor of mankind."

"Sannishyan" means desirous of wealth (Dhanam Icchan) 
and "dhayathE" means presents that wealth. " SatharAcha 
manasaa" means with entirley devoted spirit . 

"yajathE " means adorable worship ( YajAthE prakarshaNE
poojayEth  according to Saayanaa ).  

asmath achAryan through His loving aarAdhanam adoringly 
worships MaalOlan every day. He presents his homage 
to the widely renowned all-pervading Lord and worships 
Him with solely devoted and dedicated mind. He becomes
widely renowned thus and becomes a benefactor
to mankind as a result of that power.

2. " Sadharchasam " ( Rk VII.100.3)
Sadarchasam means the bright One with hundred
splendours. This Veda manthram celebrates Lord
Thrivikarama VishNu and His grandeur , which 
illumines the world with hundred splendours. 
This Rk takes the following form :

thrir dEva: prithvIm yEsha yEthAm 
vi chakramE SATHARCHASAM  mahithvA 
pra VishNur-asthu tavasas tavIyAan 
thvEsham hy asya STHAVIRASYA naama 

(meaning ): " In all His grandeur , the Lord  strides 
in three paces (like the celestial Sun ) over this earth,
bright with hundred splendours. May the all-pervading 
Lord , most powerful among powerfuls , rule over us.
For, illustrious is the name of this everlasting One."

Sthavirasya means the One, who lives forever in human 
minds as well as the everlasting Lord. There is no doubt
in my mind about the Vaibhavam of HH Sri NaarAyana 
YathIndhra MahA Desikan as the 45th PeetAdhipathi of
Sri Matam.

3. Sujanimaa and VayunAni VidvAn
As the words of the next manthram adore this nobly born
(Sujanima --Rk VII.100.4) as the knower of sacred customs ,
we acknowledge that he knows all that is worth knowing
( vayunAni VidvAn--Rk VII.100.5).He is indeed an AchArya
Saarvabhouman. Our deep salutations are to Him as 
He crosses His 75th birthday mile stone.

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan   

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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