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Re: [SriRangaSri] Vegetarianism - Plants have life too. (Seek Answers)

From: Balakrishnan M (
Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 01:51:30 PST

Dear Sathya,

Vegetarianism or the concept of non violence (ahimsa)
should be followed not only in terms of eating habit
but other conducts as well. The ahimsa simply means
not to put other living entities in distress.

As far as possible killing another living entity is
forbidden. The sastras says that the lord is situated
in the heart of all living entity. Krsna says this in
Gita, iswara sarva bhutanam hrydesi arjuna ( my
spelling may be wrong).

However for survival we need food, we kill plant as
the conciousness as well as the pain is less than
animal, eben that we need to offer to the lord as take
as prasadam. Krsna says in Gita, patram puspham palam
toyam yo me bhaktya prayachiti........ a leaf, flower,
fruit or even water if offerd with devotion I will
accept with joy. He further says, yad karosi, yad
asnani, yad johusi dadasi yat...... to put it simply
do all actions as an offering unto me.

Other acaryas in the group can comment further.


--- "Sathya. Kaliyamoorthy" <>
> Respected bhakthas,
> Adiyen have been having some basic questions abt
> vegetarianism.
> Is that we should follow vegetaranism only with
> eating habits?
> What abt using silk cloths (we even use them to
> decorate deities!)?.
> Presumably, silk is got by killing thousands of silk
> worms! How is this 
> killing different from killing animals to eat!
> If anyone have read a recent news article in
> sifynews, 
> ( ), which
> says even toothpaste we 
> use has some "non-veg" stuff.
> Also, it seems even agarbathis have some "non-veg"
> stuff.
> Pls note that Adiyen is not for "non-vegetarianism"
> whatsoever, but would 
> like to have some convincing answers from elite
> members of this group.
> Thank you so much,
> Adiyen,
> Sathyanarayana Ramanujadasan.
> Sathya.Kaliyamoorthy
> Doctoral Candidate
> Bio-robotics lab              
> Dept of Mechanical Engg
> Case Western Reserve Univ.
> Cleveland, OHIO
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