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Re: Hayagriva Priya, etc.

From: Chakravarthy madhavan (
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 17:55:17 PST

I quite agree. Some time back many of the members advised forbearance
and tolerance under the posting "How to identify a true Bhagavatha."
I think this is a similar case.I am sure that the member who had sent the 
offending posting would have realised that his choice of words was 
unfortunate,and that the other members are unanimously at variance with his 
views.That should be enough for all of us.


Mani Wrote
>Due to a number of personal commitments, I am not able
>to monitor this list as closely as I could in the past.
>I beg of you to therefore exert self-control in your
>postings to the list.
>The comments of one member regarding the cost of a magazine
>has caused some stir.  The words used were brusque and
>regrettable.  At the same time, I think public demands
>that the author "apologize to everyone or unsubscribe"
>are also excessive. This smacks of a fatwa which is really
>uncharacteristic of our society. The original poster has
>no doubt transgressed rules of social etiquette but really
>does not deserve to be banished from the face of the earth.
>I urge all of you to remain calm when placed in these
>situations. Please don't let your emotions dictate your
>words.  And please don't convert every sort of offense
>committed by someone as cause for a personal crusade.
>Thanking you for your continued participation in our list,

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