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Srimath Azhagiya Singar's approaching 75th Birthday completion celebration (Nov 26): Vedic Reflections NavAham (Nine days of salutation based on the Seventh canto Rg Veda Manthrams ): Sixth Day of salutation to the Vaibhavam of HH Sri NaarAyaNa YathIndhra MahA Desikan ...NavAham :Part VI

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 14:57:37 PST

Dear Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha BhakthAs:

There are many insightful words in
the Rg Vedam in the Sapthama Mandalam .
We covered three of them in the last posting :
Usharbhuda:, anthivAma: and SumEdhA .
These words caught my attention in the context of 
my illustrious AchAryan , HH Sri NaarAyana 
YathIndhra MahA Desikan's kalyANa gunams .

In this sixth day's posting , adiyEn will
focus on one more Saptha ManDalam word 
that qualifies Sri NarAyaNa YathIndhra MahA 
Desikan as an AchArya Saarvabhouman.

1. HiraNyavAsI: Rg Rk: VII. 97.7
HiraNyavAsI: is one who has the benovloent 
Speech . Saayana intreprets VaasI as VaangmAn 
or one with the gift of such a speech ( HiraNmayee
Vaak or golden speech). The color of the Lord 
is Golden . Every thing about the Lord is golden
as Vedam salutes . Thus a SadAchAryan's anugraha
BhAshaNams (blessed utterances ) are equivalent
to that emanating from the Parama Purushan worshipped
by the VedAs. The Divine speech is also classified
as ILA , Bharathi/Mahi and Sarasvathi . From Vedic Texts,
we have been taught that Sarasvathi is the WORD , 
the inspiration that comes from Rtham or the Truth-
consciousness priniciple. This tatthvam has been 
further refined by Sage Aurobindho :

Satyam =ILA ; Rtham = Sarasvathi and
Bruhath = Bharahti/Mahi . 

>From the truth-consciousness perspective ,
ILA represents drishti ( insight ) aspect ;
Sarasvathi represents Rtham or the Sruthi
(Sound ) aspect of Truth Consciousness(TC);
Bharathi/Mahi represent the largeness/Universality
(bruhath) aspect of TC.Rtham Bruhath has been 
identified with the cosmic mind or cosmic 
intelligence of the Vedic wisdom .The One with
the HiraNyavaasi is the One who provides 
the link between the " infinitesimal individual
mind and the Super-Mind " that creates, sustains
and destroys the world. 

The relationship between the AchAryan and His sishyaaLs 
is described as an ancient friendship going back to
forefathers in the Vedam (Rg Rk VII.72.2) This is 
reminiscent of ANDAL's ThiruppAvai passage:
" Yerraikkum yEzhEzh piRavikkum unthannOdu
uRROmEaavOm , ... ". 

The complete Rk ( VII.72.2) is as follows:

aanO devEbhir upa yaatam arvAk sajOshasA naasathyA raTEna
yuvOrhi na: sakhyA pithryANi samAnO bhandhurutha tasya Vittham 

(meaning): " O Ever true divines , along with 
Nature's other bounties  as Your associates , 
come here to us in Your chariot. Ours is an
ancestral friendship and hence a common relation
between You and us. may You acknowledge this
affinity ." These divines can be understood
as the Three divines : ILA , Sarasvathi and BhArathi. 

SamAnO Bandhu: here refers to the ancient , timeless
bond .unbroken Bhandhuthvam or realtionship is referred to

Madhurakavi declared : " thEvu maRRaRiyEn ".
I do not know of any God except you , My 
AchAryan (Swamy NammAzhwAr).He was qualifying
His relationship to His AchAryan , whose dhaivam
was Sriman NaarayaNan . Our relationship is to 
our own AchAryan , the HiranyavAsi of Rg vedam.

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan   

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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