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Vegetarianism - Plants have life too. (Seek Answers)

From: Pattangi (
Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 13:28:34 PST

Why Vegetarianism?

Dear Devotees: Humble Pranams:

adiyEn has the bhagyam of working with some kids in the Universities in the Chicago area.

One of the Basic Tenets of VEDICS (Vaishnavaism) is Vegetarianism.
Now the Kids normally ask plants have life too, how can you kill or eat the plant alive.

We normally say that plants do not have a Central Nervous System to feel the pain.
(Minimal suffering to all beings)

Now is there any other explanation. (that would make sense to kids)
If we dig in the Vedas there are so many places where meat eating is allowed, and recommended.
(Thank god these kids do not have access/knowledge of these, but adiyEn would like to get 
answers that would satisfy the scientific mind)

azhwAr emberumAnAr JeeyAr thiruvadigalE saranam

adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan
Mukundan Vangkipuram Pattangi

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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