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Important 'Surprising Facts' For 'orthodox Vegetarians'

From: Valuthur, Srikanth (
Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 06:06:38 PST

Dear Fellow Members,
This could be a long email,  But thought I will share it with you all.
Hope this helps
It turns out that products which were considered 100 per cent vegetarian in
fact have a 'non-vegetarian' link, creating a scare among orthodox

The guilty product are mentioned in a book published by India's Animal
Welfare Board titled the 'Compassionate Consumer: Animal Based Products'
which springs a few surprises. 

The book also urges consumers to shun use of animal based products which may
force manufacturers to find alternatives 

Very few know that the innocuous tube of toothpaste often contains bone ash
or calcium phosphate mostly of animal origin. Only eight brands have been
found to be 'vegetarian'. Some of the well-known brands are missing from the

The book claims that a particular brand of 'Chyawanprash' uses grounded deer
antlers. Some varieties of iron tonic or haemoglobin are nothing but blood
of buffaloes killed in slaughter houses. 

In August 1999 the Supreme Court had banned use of extracted haemoglobin but
later pharmaceutical companies obtained a stay order. However, iron tonics
manufactured from ferric ammonium citrate salt are not made of extracted

Many brands of 'Agarbattis' or incense sticks have adhesives usually of
animal origin and some perfumes could also contain a fixative of animal
origin called 'Nakhla' made of mussels. 

Strong veggies fear that by lighting 'Agarbattis' made of animal origin they
would be incurring divine wrath rather than blessing. 

Ice creams barring a few brands could contain eggs or gelatin obtained from
boiling cattle udders, nose and anus. 

Some types of biscuits and cakes apart from having eggs could have powdered
fish. Chocolates commonly use egg whites or albumin shellac and most
imported or foreign cheese contain calf or animal rennet--basically acids
obtained by slitting the stomach while the animal is still alive. 

Many orthodox vegetarians don't know that many varieties of contraceptive
condoms are made of intestines of sheep. 

Many varieties of wine are in fact non-vegetarian. The purifying agents for
wine may include ox blood, bone marrow, fish oil or egg white. 

Certain varities of beauty moisturizers contain udder and umbilical extracts
while some creams have connective tissues. 

Some varieties of sun tan lotions lotions contain turtle oil. Animal lovers
have meanwhile decided to form a forum and urge the government to make it
compulsory for manufacturers to indicate on labels of their products whether
they are of vegetarian or animal origin. 

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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