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Re: [srivenugopala] Srimath Azhagiya Singar's approaching 75th Birthday completion celebration (Nov 26): Vedic Reflections NavAham (Nine days of salutation based on the Seventh canto Manthrams ): (fwd)

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 16:41:00 PST

Dear Sri Ramanuja :

It is most welcome that you added the corrections 
in intrepretations for four of the 12 attributes
of BahgavAN narasimhan . I welcome your corrections .
Any time in future, please feel free to catch any
mistakes .Thanks in advance.

I was distracted by the derivative meanings and
lost sight of the literal meanings here. 

Additional comments on the four items:

(4) AanandhAvahathvam : Yes," Aavaha " means to invoke 
or produce or create or bring forth. We say Sriman NaarAyaNam 
aavAhayAmi.Sri Sooktham passages are other
instances (e.g)., ThAmm ma aavaha jaathaVedhO
LakshmIm-anapagaminIm , SooryAm HirNmayeem LakshmIm 
JaathavEdhO ma Aavaha".
In addition to the time of His avathAram , even today
the darsana SoubhAgyam of MalOlan produces in us
waves of aanandham/bliss in us. 

(5) Ina Koti sankAsathvam : Yes, Ina refers to Sooryan.
Saint ThyagarAja addresses Lord Ramachandran as "Ina 
Kula TilakA " Back of my mind , I had the Vedic
word , Yenam or Yenasam (Agam/Paapam )meaning sins in 
the back of my mind , when I translated and rushed 
to the non-literal translation . You are absolutely 
right in your correction. My apologies.

(9) Aghatitha GhatanA SaamArhtyam : Swamy NammAzhwAr's 
ThiruvAimozhi (VI.3) on Sri ThiruviNNagarappan is all about
the eulogy to this unique saamarthyam of the Lord .
Here Swamy NammAzhwAr pays tribute to the Lord's
saamarthyam in being inside polar opposites . I stay
with this view .

(10) The mix up betwen Sadhya and Sathya was unfortunate. 
Thanks for pointing it out. Lord NarasimhA's aavirbhAvam
is SadhyOjjAtham indeed !

I welcome any comments/corrections that you make 
and request you to make them. Thanks again ,

At 06:29 PM 11/5/01 +0530, you wrote:
>Sri V.Satagopan wrote,
>> 4. AanandhAvahathvam ( Possession of the qualities of
>>    Bliss , Aanandhamaya Svaroopanm at the sight of
>>    His dear Bhakthan).
>> 5. Ina Koti SankAsathvam ( destruction of the crores of
>>    sins and apachArams through His merciful glances).

>> 9. Agatitha GadanA Saamarthya Pradarsakathvam ( Unique
>>    ability to unite polar opposites in Him )
>> 10. Sathya yEva Phala Prathathvam ( Ability to yield
>>     the fruits of UpaasakA based on Truthful behavior
>>     alone).
>Here Adiyen would like add a few remarks.
>4) AanandAvahatwam means ability to cause Aananda or joy to the devotees.
>That is what Nrusimhar caused in all the devas and rishis by appearing
>suddenly to kill Hiranya. (Aavaha =  creating or producing)
>5)  Inakotisankaashatwam - Ina is Soorya or The Sun. That is nrusimhar has
>the effulgence of a crore of Suns. blinding the eyes of viewers.
>9)  Agatita Gadana saamarthya -  Actual word is aGhatitha  Ghatanaa
>saamarthyam - which is the ability to make something happen, that has
>not happened before, that has been unprecedented. Never had He come out of
>a pillar before.  That He made possible now.
>10) Sathya yEva Phalapradatwam - Actually it is - sadya Eva phalapradatwam
>that is capable of giving fruit immediately (sadya: like in sadyOjaata) on
>the spot.
> There is another great sloka on Ahobila nrisimhar
>ahO veeryam ahO Sauryam ahO bAhuparAkramam!
>nArasimham param deivam ahO balam ahO balam!
>Adiyen dasan
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