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Re: Saranagathi
Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 16:54:41 PST

From: JaghanIyenger <>
Subject: Saranagathi and Brahmacharya

||SriMathe RAmAnujAya Namaha||

'Saranaagathi' with out 'Brahmacharya' is
fruitless-----Is it true?

Please Clarify me

Daasanu Dasan
Jaghannathan Yaamuna

SrImathE Gopaladesika mahadesikaya namah:

Dear SrI Jagan Iyengar,

SaranAgathy (or prapatti) is unconditional surrender of one's self at the
lotus feet of the Lord....

The greatest burden (Bharam) for a baddha jIvAtmA is "bhakti yogA" because
Sriman nArAyaNA would only grant moksham to a perfectionist of bhakti yogA
..Though the jIvAtmA wishes to meditate continuously on nArAyaNA , it is not
able to do so primarily because of its karmA. Also , not all are eligible
for Bhakti yogA . Only dvijAs can start performing it . Moreover , one
cannot be sure of the number of future births that is needed to be taken
while adopting bhakti yogA, since the prArabdha karmA (that which has
started to yield its
effect ) is not destroyed. This means.

Neverthless , a mumukshu (one desirous of moksham) , who has the burden of
bhakti yOgA seeks moksham. So , during prapatti, Sriman nArAyaNA Himself is
pleaded to be present in the "place"(sthAnA) of bhakti yOgA and give the
fruit of Bhakti YogA ie. Sriman nArAyaNA is pleaded to attain the level of
"pleasing" He will obtain if one approached Him through "Bhakti yOgA",
which will make Him grant moksham to the mumukshu . Thats why , Prapatti is
also known as BharanyAsam.

The main qualifications for a mumukshu to adopt prapatti are:

1. Akinchanyam (destituteness) which may result either due to one's lack of
mental and physical strength to adopt bhakti yogA OR lack of requisite
knowledge from sAstrAs OR Prohibition by sAstrAs regarding the adoption of
Bhakti yOgA OR Inability to put up with any delay (with respect ti time) in
attaining mokshA.

2. Ananyagatitvam ie. Seeking the Supreme Lord Sriman NArAyaNA as the sole
refuge with complete aversion to all fruits other than mokshA: This implies
that one shouldn't resort even in his/her dream to demigods like BrahmA ,
ShivA et al.

The above is an extract from Sri Anand Karalapakkam's article on prapatti.

You may notice that these qualifications do NOT mean or refer that one
needs to be a brahmachari' nor even a human being for that matter:-).

Namo Narayana
aDiyEn dAsan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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