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RE: haygreeva priya

From: Ram Anbil (
Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 12:42:06 PST

Dear Bhagavatas:
I entirely agree with the sentiments expressed by Sriram Ranganathan.

I can personally vouch for the dedication of the publishers of the journal 
"Sri Hayagriva Priya". The articles appearing therein are of the highest 
quality. The annual subscription is so low as to make us wonder how they 
could offer it at all!. I do not see any attempt to rip off as suggested by 
the offending posting.

The Aippasi issue contains such a wealth of information that it will be 
appropriate to charge a lakh for each letter(aksharalaksham)and Rs.5/= is 
just peanuts and it has nothing to link it with soliciting annual 
subscription as alleged.

I strongly endorse the suggestion -
" Mr. Rangarajan: As a fellow member I urge you to apologize, especially to 
Sri Parakala Mutt sishyAs. If you don't realize this offence, I suggest you 
unsubscribe immediately and save the moderator and other members some 
Anbil Ramaswamy

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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