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"pandanai Theera Pallandu " - Thirupallandu

From: Guna Venkat (
Date: Sat Nov 03 2001 - 09:20:24 PST

Dear Srivaishnavas

Adiyen like to share a few of the gems of "Thirupallandu"  by Perialwar . As we all know that as Perialwar was coming back from the King's court (Pandava) after winning the Vedha saras about establishing the fact the Sriman Narayanan is the "parathvam" , Sriman Narayanan wanted to see His disciple's winning moments and hence appeared before Alwar in Garuda seva. 
Here comes the Gem of the situation , Alwar on seeing it instead of requesting any mundane things, and also Alwar did not even ask for Moksham or any well being for him, But Alwar started wishing Perumal "Pallandu Pallandu" which no one can even think of it. Hence due to this great love Sri Vishnusittar got the name of Perialwar -"Pongum Parivale Perran Perialwar ennumPer " - Upadesa Rathinamalai.
In this verse of 10 pAsurams Alwar gathers all of us to pray Pallandu to SrimanNarayanan. In one o fthe pAsurams Alwar prayed

Andhiyam Podhil AriUruvAgi Ariye Azhithavanyi 
Pandanai theera Pallandu Pallanduenru Palladuthume"

In this Alwar was praying Pallandu for SriNarasimha Avatharam. 
If you see the Avatharam of SriRama and SriKrishna they faced thier opnnents in the battle filed in their Adult age . SriRama faced Ravana at the age of 38 and SriKrishna faced Kamsa at the age of 12 (correct me if I am wrong), but for Narasimha it was on the same date when He took the avatharam. Alwar saw Narasimha as new born baby and got afraid how He can face such a mighty opponent. 

As a normal thing every  new born baby will be having a shivering(anukkam) for some time, and by nature it will be over within few minutes and if its not then its a serious concern towards childs health. So Alwar is more worried about Childs health and hence sung the "Pandanai theera" meaning to remove anukkam for the Kid..

Now the question is After praying for His well being why Alwar had to sing "palas sthuthi" as the last pAsuram
"pAllanduenra pavithiranai paramethiye" . 
As we all know Alwar never expects any thing back from Him then why is the palas thuthi?

All the above points are form the Upanyasam of SriMA VenkataKrishnan swamy on the ThiruPallandu last month. Swamy is giving his final part on 4th Nov 2001 on the Vedic Bridge at 6.00 pm Pacific (9 pm Eastern , 7.30 am IST) . If you happened to be in US are can connect to US Bridge here are the details

Ph no- (405)244 5555 
access code - 1533 #

PL join and get the answer from Swamy's Upanyasam. If this mail arriving late to you or if you ar enot able to log in to the Upanyasam , pl wait till next week..

Adiyen wishes to Thank Sri MA VenkataKrishnan Swamy for his excellent piece of explanation of Thirupallandu so that even Adiyen can understand the Thiruvullam of Alwar thru Viakyana Chakravarthy Periavachhan Pillai swamy.

Alwar Emberumanar Jeeyar Thiruvadigale saranam

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

Gunaseelan Venkatachary

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