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New entrant to bakthi list

From: ravi c vijayaraghavan (
Date: Fri Nov 02 2001 - 21:23:35 PST

Before i start on my introduction, i sincerely bow down to the Kamala PAdham 
of the paramAchArya of ALL, Sri EmberumAnAr to bless this soul to live as a 
true vaishnavan.

SrimathE rAmAnujAya Namaha.

My Humble respects to all,
    I am Ravi C V currently in Raleigh, NC. I am doing my Masters here in NC 
state university. I would like to apologise if my way of writing is not in 
coformity with the way the bakthAs write. I assure to learn from my mistakes 
and improve.
    I am very much interested in Srivaishnava Sampradhayam. Like in one of 
the slokams (taht i know) in the NAlAyira Divyaprabandham, where an Azhwar( 
sorry for being ignorant abt the name of the particular azhwar) asks sriman 
NArAyanA to accept Him because in this material world, a jeevaathma spends 
more time in doing things other than doing bhagavath kainkaryam, i felt i 
have not learnt and understood much abt our sampradhayam the past 22 years. 
But i have the interest to learn and i hope by the Lord's blessings and 
grace i start living a more purposeful Human.
    In India, i slowly gained in interest to listen to upanyasam's by great 
scholars like Sri. U.Ve Sundar Kumar, Poojya Premaji, Sri Sri AnnA, Sri U.Ve 
Vellukudi Krishnan, Vaikunda Vaasi Shri. Mukkur Swamy, Shri and lot other 
MahAns. I have gone to Lectures on Srimath  Bhagavatham and have also 
listened to epics like the mAhabharatha and Ramayana by the scholars. I 
realise that without His Blessings and Grace i can't listen to his "Kalyaana 
Gunangal". So i bow down to His Thiruvadi and thank Him for His blessings.
    Now here in the US, i felt very bad to miss these, but God has continued 
to shower his blessings by having me linked with this bakthi list. Over the 
past few days, i am learning a lot of new things from here and i hope in the 
future with the blessings of all Vaishnavas and  forgot not the ever needed 
blessings of Shri emberumAnAr and the Azhwars and Aacharyas, i will be able 
to understand this great sri Vaishnava sampradhAyam and do justice to the 
birth that Sriman Narayana has blessed on me by doing Kainkariyams to HIM 
under His guidance and Grace.

Om NamO NARAyaNAya.
Srimathe RAmAnujAya Namaha.
AzhwAr thiruvadigale Sharanam.
Sri MuthaliyAnDAn swamy ThiruvadigalE Sharanam.

- Adiyen DAsan Ravi.

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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