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Sri Mukkur Swami's Upanyasam Tapes
Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 11:52:59 PST


SrimatE Gopaladesika MahadesikAya Namaha,

Adiyen wishes to offer his heartfelt congratulations to U.Ve. Sri 
Rajagopalan Srinivasan Swamin for his tireless efforts in the 
magnificent Kaimkaryam of putting together the superb CD ROM on the 
life and works of Sri Mukkur Swami. This is a real treat for all 
Asthikas. Please acquire a copy of this wonderful CD ROM from Sri 
Rajagopalan Swamin. 

Adiyen wishes to continue the summary of Sri Mukkur Swami's 
upanyasam. Having described the greatness of Sri Shuka Brahmam 
through the incident with the Apsara damsels, Swami remarked "there 
cannot be a greater Brahma jnAni than Shuka Brahmam. His life 
exemplified the Vedam salutation Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma." To 
illustrate this further, Swami commented "During the Rajasuya 
sacrifice of Yudhishtira, Lord Krishna instructed Arjuna to keep a 
head count of the number of Brahmanas that partook of Prasadam. To 
facilitate this, a bell had been set up, which would ring once as 
soon as a large number of Brahmanas had eaten the Prasadam. 
At that time Arjuna would record the corresponding number of guests. 
Sri Shuka Brahmam arrived and ate only a single grain of rice. The 
bell rang non-stop. Arjuna was amazed by this occurence and sought an 
explanation for it. Lord Krishna then revealed that a single grain 
partaken by Sri Shuka Brahmam was equivalent to crores of learned 
Brahmanas taking part in the Tadiaradhanam." 

Next Swami focussed on Parikshit and pointed out that he was an 
extraordinary listener. Swami narrated the circumstances under which 
Parikshit was born. "Ashwathama employed the apANdava astra (a weapon 
which would render the world Pandava-less) on the womb of Uttara. 
However, the Divine Grace of Lord Krishna caused the Sudarshana 
Chakram to protect Parikshit, in his mother's womb. As a result the 
child in the womb was beholding both the Sudarshana Chakram as well 
as the Astra of Ashwathma inquiringly. Therefore, he was named 
as Parikshit." One of the modes of the nine forms of Bhakti to Lord 
Narayana is ShravaNam (hearing the Lord's glories). Parikshit 
exemplifies this mode of Bhakti. 

Swami continued "The lakshaNam of a listener is reflected in his 
ability to comprehend what is being narrated and ask questions with a 
view to furthering his understanding of the narration. In this 
respect, Parikshit excels again. Parikshit was attentively listening 
to Sri Shuka Brahmam's narration of Prayaschitta Karmas. Parikshit 
then made an astute observation that Prayaschitta Karmas can only 
serve as expiatory rites for sins already commited. However, it 
cannot root out once and for all the vasanas that cause one to engage 
in sinful acts. To illustrate this better, it is helpful to consider 
an elephant being bathed in the river by a Mahout (its controller). 
Bathing the elephant cleanses it of the dirt. However, when the 
elephant goes to the river bed, it uses its trunk to sprinkle sand 
all over its body. Thus, bathing the elephant does not stop it from 
becoming dirty. Therefore, what is the means for preventing one from 
engaging in sinful acts?"

Swami continued" Sri Shuka Brahmam was pleased with this observation 
of Parikshit and the resulting question. Sri Shuka Brahmam answered 
this through the Bhagavatam salutation "Kechith kevalayA BhakthyA 
VAsudeva parAyaNA: Agham Dhunvanthi kAthsnyEna nIharamiva Bhaskara:" 

Meaning: One can be protected only by Bhakti to the Supreme Lord. In 
order to destroy the evil Vasanas that cause one to engage in sinful 
acts, it is necessary to have single-minded devotion to the Lotus-
Feet of Lord Vasudeva. One must constantly contemplate on Him. If one 
accomplishes this, the sins disappear verily like the winter fog at 
the onset of the morning Sun."

Namo Narayana,

SriMuralidhara Dasan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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