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Re: "For Example"

From: Narayanan Veeraraghavan (
Date: Wed Oct 31 2001 - 10:56:34 PST

Respected Sadagopan swamin,

In context with the topic "Ananya Gatithvam" of
Seralar Kon in his "Perumal Thirumozhi", adiyen wants
to add one more to it in the same context. Adiyen
feels that even Swamy Vedaantha Desaikan in his
"Adaikkalapathu" first paasuram illustrates this
aspect of "Ananya Gatithvam" using the simili 

"Ethhisaiyum uzhanrodi ilaithu vizhum kaagam pol.."

This example sounds similar to the example devareer
gave where the Crow return to the ship after it finds
nothing but the ocean all around. 

Learned scholars of the list should pardon adiyen, if
Adiyen's interpretaion of this context is
inappropriate. Adiyen just thought with this mandha
budhi that this could also be an example that is
similar to the context in discussion.

Even though all the 10 paasurams of Adaikalapathu
describes the "Ananya Gatithvam" by explaining the
Pancha Angams of Sharanaagathi to Sriya: Pathi
emperumaan, this particular line clearly illustrates 
the "Ananaya Gatithvam" that respected Sadagopan Swamy
has mentioned.

Adiyen bows swamy for the amount of efforts that swamy
has taken to enjoy and at the same time make us also
enjoy this rasam of "Perumaal Thirumaozhi".

Seralar Kon thiruvadigale Sharnam

Aazhwaar, Emperumaanaar, Aachaaryan, Bhaagavatha,
Bhagvath thiruvadigale sharam

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan


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