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SaaligrAma sthOthram
Date: Wed Oct 31 2001 - 00:48:36 PST

Dearest Srivaishnavas,

Sri Satakopan Swamin had asked:

From: Sadagopan <>
Subject: Re: Sudarsana Mantram and Kavacam

Dear BhakthAs:

I am passing on a request from Sriman Damana Krishna
of India . I am not sure about what the Saligaramam
SthOthra Manthram is ! Perhaps some one amongst the members of
Bhakthi list knows and help this seeker.

Thnaks in advance ,

SaaLigrAma sthOthram is published in "madhurakusumAnjali"- the centenary
celebrations magazine published for Sri MadhurAnthakam Swamy's 100th year.
The Englisgh translations of the same (as available in the said magazine)
were sent by adiyEn in bhakti list about a month ago, in response to a
query on SaaLigrAmam.

Namo Narayana

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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