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krishna- how you entered my mind- 6

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 02:03:54 PST

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

Just to recapture what is beauty- it is the combination of one or more of
the following
*	Basic 3 dimensions, length breadth and depth in good proportion
*	Shape
*	Size
*	Colour and its combinations, with variations in colour at
appropriate places
*	Form or feature and its sharpness
*	All other aesthetics that please and delight the eyes. 

If these are found in human form, what is that which captures the most
*	is it that figure what appears to me or us in front 
*	is it the back of that person described as beauty 
*	is it the sides or
*	is it the whole.

You will say, it is the whole, because the human mind has the capacity to
visualise the beauty in 3D and 
*	taste it 
*	relish it 
*	enjoy it 
*	carry it in the mind 
*	remember it over a long period
*	recapitulate in the mind and then relish the old taste of it, when
required in future of that beauty. 

What are the reactions this beauty creates in the mind- if we start listing,
perhaps the list may run like this
*	Attraction towards that object of beauty
*	Appeasement of the aesthetic senses of self
*	Desire to enjoy that beautiful object again and again
*	An elation or joy of seeing the beauty, leading to a desire to
possess that object of beauty 
*	Once possessed, then it leads to the pride or garvam of having it.

The desire when it becomes intense is called mogam in tamil or samskrit. If
that beauty in front is Krishna, then the amount of joy of enjoying that
krishna's beauty is "unlimited" and has no parallel. That is what we had in
the periyaazhvaar's description of krishna in "thazhaigaLum thongalum"
padhikam. Even today we can read aazhvaar's description, visualisekrishna in
that description, give a shape in our mind to that krishna, enjoy that
krishna be one with that krishna. 

This joy leads to divine love with that krishna the supreme God. By reading
this description again and again and seeing him in the mind again and again,
we get attached to that krishna and slowly this becomes love, then intensive
love becomes mOgam. To get to this "mogam" only all the above prelude. See
below the words "krishnanin munnazhagaik kaNdaal mOgam migum" says that
staunch krishna bhaktha. 

Once this mOgam is very acute, even if on krishna, then it may lead to some
kind of disaster for that bhakthaa, [and not krishna] since he is very much
interested in the welfare of his bhakthaas, krishna himself restricts that
mOgam, by showing his pinnazhagu and not munnazhagu. So says Ooththukkaadu
venkata subbu iyer. Now see his krithi in raagaa dhEva gaandhaari

Ennathaan inbam kaNdaayO
INaiyil ezhil kaaNa vizhaiyum ennilum
Migavum adhigamO- adhisayamO kuzhal isaiyil - ennathaan

Oh krishna! What is the pleasure you had in playing that flute, in that
flute music, what is that wonder in that flute music, I, with such a desire
to see your incomparable beauty, approach you, but you do not show yourself
to me, but plays that flute.

Punnagaiyodum pullenRa kuzhal oothum
PunithanE- engaL puNNiyanE
Munnazhagaik kaNdaal mOgam migum enRu solli
Pinnazhagai aruLum pemmaanE  - ennathaan

Oh! Purity personified- [punithaa], with a smile you play the flute made of
the grass (bamboo is also a type of grass- botanists in the Bhakti list can
confirm this). If I see you by front, I will become wild in desire to enjoy
that beauty of you, to avoid that situation, you show your beautiful back to
me and thus keep me under check- oh you krishna! what is the pleasure you
have in playing that flute.

Alai alaiyaai paRanthu kuzhal aadavE kaaRRil
ANi aNiyaai sarinthu idai moodavE
Thalai aNik kambaLam puyam koodavE- adhaik kaNdu
DharisiththapOdhu enthan naaNam paranthOdavE - ennathaan

Oh krishna, your hair dangles in the air in wavy pattern. The hair, while
dangling also spreads over the hips in rows and covers the hip, the scarf
being worn in the head slips down to the shoulders and hands, I saw such
beauty of your back, instead of feeling shy, I felt happy. oh krishna! what
is the pleasure you have in playing that flute.

[please pardon me for a pedestrian translation, but enjoy the tamil krithi.
I welcome bhakthaas to give such pinnazhagu description quotes from dhivya
prabhandham and krithis by others]. You may feel this man goes on writing
something not relevant to the topic of "eppadiththan en uLLam pugunthu ennai
adimai koNdeero swami?"- No sir, I am on the dot. 

Hey krishna, is it by showing this back beauty of you, you entered my mind,
through eyes and ears together- for there is the feast for both ears and
eyes, viz. back beauty for eyes, flute music for ears.

Dear Bhakthaas, You must, at this stage, know what inspired me to open this
topic "krishna how you entered into my mind". It is the neelaambari raaga
krithi of Ooththukkadu Venkata subbu iyer, which has the first line reading
"Eppadiththaan en uLLam pugunthu ennai adimai koNdeerO swami?" I am adding
that krithi and its simple meaning here.

Eppadiththaan en uLLam pugunthu ennai adimai koNdeerO swami?
Isai tharu kuzhalodum kuNdalam oLira, 
ivai tharu suvaiyinil vaNdinamurala, [Eppadiththaan]
Oh! My swami! How you entered my mind (heart) and made me as your slave.
With that flute giving out music and the ear rings dangling and throwing
bright light, the bees whizzing and swirling in that taste of such music and
light from you - how...?.

Oppuyar illaadha uththamanE, engaL uraga nadam aadum viththaganE,
Ulagiruntha vaai thiranthapadiyO allaathu uralodu piNainthu irunthapadiyO
There is no one comparable to you or better than you, Oh, supreme
personality, our wizard who dances on the snake, how...? With that mouth
wide open containing all the worlds in it, otherwise with that mortar tied
to your waist.. how...?

VeLiyil solla manam thuLLuthE- Solla vENum vENum enRa aasai koLLuthE 
KuLiroLi mugam kaNdu naaNi naaNam un koi malar padhaththil thaLLuthE

My mind wants to announce to all and it is eager to announce, the mind
desires to announce, on seeing your cool bright face my face bows down
shyly, my shyness pushes me to your feet which is like freshly picked
flowers. So please tell me how...? 

Iniyoru ulagam unaiththavira enakkoru sugam ilai enaththanthavaa
Thaniyoru mudimEl iLamayilaanathu tharu thOgai aNiyaththanthavaa
You gave all to me, such that I have no other world except you, that I have
no other comfort than you. The young peacock gave you that colourful
feathers which adorns your unique head, such krishna- how...? 

URiyERi kaLavaadi thOzharudan unakku enakku enath thinRavaa
Oor ariyum munbu annaiyidam senRu onRum aRiyadhu ninRavaa
oh krishna, you stole butter by catching hold of the pots kept in those rope
hangers, and eaten the butter by sharing with your friends. Before this came
to light, you ran near your mother and stood calmly showing your innocence-
oh krishna - how...?

Dhaasan Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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