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a love song on krishna

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Fri Nov 24 2000 - 00:58:15 PST

Dear Srivaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

The other day, when I was just surfing on the Tvfor a short while, just this
song was on in one of the channels. Since I was drafting the writeup on
"Krishna how you entered my mind" next part, a different meaning of this
song struck me. In case you feel it is relevant, please accept, if you feel
it is otherwise, excuse me for having posted this one.

The song lines are
"Kaathal siRagai kaRRinil viriththu vaana veedhiyil paRakkavaa
KaNNil niRaintha kaNavan maarbinil kaNNeer kadalil kuLikkavaa
ENNangaLaalE paalam amaiththu iravum pagalum nadakkavaa
Iththanai kaalam pirinthathai eNNi iru kai koNdu vaNangavaa"

Other lines of this song are also there, but the lines appealing to me and
worth considering here in the list only are given. This is a very famous
song of yesteryears by the noted lyricist Kannadasan who wrote many songs,
prose etc on my pet Sri krishna in the later part of his life. 

The meaning or a rough translation into English is-
"Let me fly in the streets of the sky by spreading the wings of love, 
let me take bath in the waters which are nothing but flowing tears from my
eyes, by leaning on my husband's chest who has filled himself fully in my
Let me construct a bridge of thoughts and in that bridge walk all day and
Let me prey with both hands folded for having strayed all these days". 

the meaning which struck me is - 
Line 1- Oh my krishna- please let me fly in the sky by spreading my wings
called "thoughts of love on you". [may be in other words, this is called
krishna bhakthi- for, naturally, when my ideal is you, my thoughts are on
you, oh krishna, the thoughts on these earthly things are out. Thereby these
thoughts are really high and can be called flying in the sky].

Line 2- kaNNil nirainthathanaal allavaa avan kaNNan- krishnan- besides he is
the only purushan and we are all sthree jenmam- women only- that is the
srivaishnava principle. So naturally- he is my husband- so let me lean on
his chest. Then, in that aanandham of mingling with him, shed tears from
eyes to form a sea and then take bath in that sea- bhakthi when it is ripe
then such is the depth of the feelings that at the mention of that naamam of
the beloved God, tears start flowing like any thing- so it is easy to do
this kaNNeer kadalil kuLikkavaa .

Line 3- the link between you and me - oh krishna- is my thoughts. So
naturally that is the bridge- then in that bridge I have to tread both days
and nights to reach you- trek all the time to beget you. This means- there
is no break for these thoughts on you for days and nights for an endless
period- bhakthi like continuous flow of honey or oil without a break -
thaila dhaara. So naturally eNNap paalaththil iravum pagalum nadakkavENum-
oh krishna- is it possible to forget you ever- at the base you are always
there, at times covered with other dirty things, many a times shining like
that bright sun.

Line 4 - somehow I was separated from you- may be that is the punishment I
suffer for having pushed in other thoughts and pushed aside thoughts of you-
now I realised. As the next step of such realisation, I repent, and let me
surrender to you with folded hands- iru kai koNdu vanangavaa- for I do not
have any other gathi- -ananya gathithvam- the relationship between me and
you is so firm - uravEl namakku ingu ozhikka ozhiyaadhu- so I prey to you, I
surrender to you oh my lord- please accept me as your servant. 

So all the srivaishnava principles are so beautifully inserted in these
lines indirectly, but on the face of it appearing as a love song- true- a
love song -just on that sri krishna- krishna krishna

Dhaasan Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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