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SrI VEdAnta DESika Vijayam - Sanskrit Play

From: M.S.HARI Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 15:48:57 PST

Dear SrI VaishNavas,

Further to the mail of SrI MadhavakkaNNan swAmy regarding the "SwAmy 
DESika vijayam play recorded in CDs", there is a overwhelming response to 
buy the same. We (adiyEn, SrI Vijay Kumar and SrI Achutha RAman) at 
Singapore are currently engaged in the kainkaryam of duplicating the play
in quality CDs as per the directions and permission of concerned people. 
The entire credit for this kainkaryam goes to SrI Vijay Kumar 
(, who has very enthusiastically duplicated the CDs 
along with his tight office schedules. His dedication and devotion in our
SrI SampradAya is very appreciable. The cost of the CD is very nominal
(USD 12 only). The play has been directed by a great vidwAn SrImath 
U.Ve.Dr.M.V.Anantha PadmanAbha swAmy, staged at Chennai, India, 
appreciated by great scholars as well as by commoners. This vidwAn is 
young (around 28 years) but very advanced in jgnyAna and has been 
celebrated by many senior vidwAns. He is very enthusiastically doing great 
SrI VaishNava Kainkaryams. Many of you may be already knowing him very 
well through his "SrI Ranga Satajith Kripa" journal. The play is in 
Sanskrit Language. But appropriate Tamil messages are read before the 
start of scenes such that even a person without knowing Sanskrit can 
easily understand the story. I thank all of you who have expressed their 
interest to buy this CD. The entire amount out of sales of this CD will be 
sent by us to the author of the play who has similar great plans to spread 
our SrI SampradAya. We expect more   responses from you all regarding 
buying the copies of the wonderful CD. As we are planning for the next lot 
of duplication of the CDs, we request people interested in buying the CD 
to write to me.  For more details regarding the play, please refer to 
SrI Anand K Karalapakkam's earlier communications in this regard. 

Thanks & Regards
M.S.HARI RAmAnuja DAsan (

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