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Excerpts of Editorials of Vol I /Issues 4 and 5

From: Ram Anbil (
Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 20:24:14 PST

SrIman! SrI Ranga Sriyam anubadravam anudhinam samvardhaya/
SrIman! SrI Ranga Sriyam anubadravam anudhinam samvardhaya//
KAvEri VardhathAm kAlE, kAlE varshathu vAsava:/
SrI RanganAthO jayathu SrI Ranga SrIs cha VardhathAm//
Dear Bhagavatas:
Excerpts from the Editorials of Issues 4 dated 7th November 2000 and Issue 5 
dated 14th November 2000 left behind are presented for the information of 
Bhakti list members.Sorry for the inconvenience.

All issues of the journal are being archived at for your kind information. Dasoham
Anbil Ramaswamy, Editor & Publisher, “Sri Ranga Sri”
SRI RANGA SRI Volume I / Issue 4 dated 7th November 2000
In this Issue:
We are pleased to publish the Srimukham from Sri T.C.Srinivasan Swami, 
Advocate and Editor of “Sri Hayagriva Priya” journal of Sri ParakAla mutt, 
Mysore, just received through E.Mail.
Among the articles-,
1.  “SRI RANGA VIJAYAM” Part 2 by AchArya Purisai Krishnamachar Swami, 
Editor, “Nrisimhapriya” journal of Ahobila Mutt. Following the footsteps of 
Bhagavad RamAnuja in his “Sri VaikunTa Gadhyam”, Sri Purisai Swami literally 
takes us on a guided tour to give us a sneak peek glimpse of Srivaikuntam, 
to let us understand how glorious is this veritable “El dorado” and the one 
who presides over it and to give us a foretaste of what we can “taste it 
again for the first time” when we reach there. Also, this gives us an idea 
as to how this ultimate and supreme Lord descends to earth taking His abode 
at Srirangam for emancipating such lowly creatures like us and taking us 
unto His Kingdom.
2. “SRIBASHYAMRUTAM- Part 2”: Since the first of the five commands of 
Bhagavad RamAnuja is the duty to study and explain his magnum opus “Sri 
Bashyam”, we are presenting another article by Kaviratna GanTeerava, 
Abhinava VidyA bhAskara, VidyArathna Sri T.S. Rajagopalan Swami, (formerly 
Headmaster Hindu High School Triplicane)
3. “ACHARYA VAMSA VRIKSHAM”- PART 31 B :  gives some details of AchAryas in 
Branch I of 3 branches mentioned in Part 31 A.
4. “SAMPRADAYA LESSON 9 Right path” Learn our Sampradayam the easy way 
(Course for Kids) Grade 1 for Beginners (based on the Tamil original of Sri 
Seva Swami, Editor of “Sri Desika Seva”.
5. “Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam- 2” – Sri D. Soundararajan Swami.
Sri Ranga Sri Volume I / Issue 5 Dated 14 th November 2000 
In this Issue, we continue our series on
1. “Sriranga Vijayam – Part 3:
“The Glory of the Lord of SrivaikuNtam”
  Purisai Sri Krishnamachariar Swami.
2.  “Sri BAshyAmrutham- Part 3”. : Introduction (continued)
- Sri T.S. Rajagopalan Swami and Tirupputkuzhi Sri Nrisimha Tatachariar 
Swami, Founder, Hayagriva Vidya PeeTam.
3.  “AchArya Vamsa Vriksham” – Part 31 C
(Based on handwritten notes granted by HH Srimad Andavan of PP Ashramam 
supplemented by other source materials – all already acknowledged in the 
Introduction to the series)
– Anbil Ramaswamy.
4.  “Learn our Sampradayam the easy way” Grade I- Lesson 10: “Cleanliness”
(Based on the original in Tamil “sampradAya  pADa thiTTam” by  Sri Seva 
Swamigal, Founder, maNi manDapam and Editor, Sri Desika Seva)
5.  “Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam- Part  3” (continued)
– Sri D. Soundararajan Swami., Editor, “Sri kAnchi PEraruLALan”

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