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krishna- how you entered my mind- 4

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 02:31:01 PST

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

Be sure on this- kaRuththa manam onRum vENdaa kaNNan allaal dheivam illai-
5-2-7 nammazhvar thiruvaaimozhi- do not have any other dark thoughts in
mind, there is kaNNan and no other gods. Except kaNNan others can not be
called "dheivam". 

My conclusion on this is very very firm. There is no space for any other in
my mind. Perhaps you may ask "are you happy on this, this conclusion and
after?" I have to say "YES" at the top of my voice- for he is "perunthiRalOn
eRparan ennaiyaakkik koNdu enakkE thannaith thantha karpagam" 2-7-11-
nammazhvar thiruvaaimozhi- he the capable one, just occupied in entire ME
and gave himself to me. What else I want from that kaRpagam- that wish
yielding/ fulfilling tree- I want nothing except himself. 

Then you may ask me, "hey, why are you searching for an answer, not knowing
how he entered your heart, why not ask him what is his route- ask directly
"eppadiththaan en uLLam pugunthu ennai adimai koNdeerO swamy?" Yes, that is
the question and that is being discussed openly, so that you all will enjoy
the discussion with that krishna that is taking place here, and perhaps
guide in arriving at a solution to this question and get an answer.

Oh krishna! First I thought  you entered in me through ears, then through
eyes, now I have a feeling that it may be through "eyes and ears" combined
at the same time.

"Hey krishna, I know your capacity- you can mollify all senses at the same
time, when you show up. or is it the other way, oh krishna! because you
showed up, all my senses lost themselves- their very nature of enjoying
themselves in themselves gone- 
*	in hearing you, 
*	hearing about you, 
*	seeing you, 
*	enjoying you, 
*	witnessing you, 
*	consuming you, and in 
*	possessing you. 
"maadhavan enRadhE koNdu ennai ini ippaarpattathu yaathavangaLum sErkodenRu
ennuL pugunthu iruntha kaNNaa" - 2-7-3 nammazhvar thiruvaaimozhi -I possess
that maadhavan, you, in my heart. I do not want any other thing from you.  I
do not have any other aspirations. Further you are not going to any other
place, for ever, than my heart- nilai pEraan en nenjaththu eppozhudhum
emperumaan- 10-6-6 nammazhvar thiruvaaimozhi- oh krishna, continue your stay
there for ever".

Oh krishna- when you are having your residentship in me, I am quite happy
and I would like to ask you one question only, "is it that you entered my
heart thru the eyes and ears jointly at the same time". For your father in
law says so- once I heard him and saw him at the same time and lost all me.
Then calls aall near ones to come and see your returning home after grazing
the calves.

Dear bhakthaas - just the verse first for simple joy unlimited-
kunRu eduththu aanirai kaaththa piraan kOvalanaai kuzhal oothi oothi 
kanRugaL mEiththu than thOzharOdu kalanthu udan varuvaanai theruvil kaNdu 
enRum ivanai opaarai nangaai kaNdariyEn! Edi, vanthu kaNaai, 
onRum nillaa vaLai kazhanRu thugil EnthiLa mulaiyum en vasamallavE
- periyaazhvaar - 3-4-4    

Oh bhakthaas, Pick the ending words in each of these 4 lines- They are 
				oothi oothi,
oothi oothi- playing the enchanting flute and producing that mayakkum mohana
geetham- captivating that nangaai- girls and minds of all without exception
-entering through ears into the mind- refer naavalam theevil- 3-6-1 to 10
for the full effect of that mohana geetham of my krishna
KaNdu- seen that krishna with the eyes- entering through the eyes into the

kaaNaai- come and see- inviting all to see my krishna so that there will be
at least some guide or witness to help to realise which way he entered. 
VasamallavE- not in the control of senses - an open declaration of having
lost the control over senses, or open admission of incapacity once he enters
through the eyes or ears.

What happened in between- Kuzhal oothi oothi varuvaanai kaNdu(m),
kandariyEn- The ears sent the signals of that flute music, they entered the
mind and captured it. Meanwhile  the signals from eyes also entered the mind
and they also tried to capture that same mind- In that process the kuzhal
Osai itself lost its grip on the mind or by that enchanting beauty of the
person eyes took over easily. Now not knowing which captured first there is
a confusion - net result- mind gone- this is a firm conclusion. So no
question of any recognition - first it is kaNdu -seen, then oppaarai
kaNdariyEn - equal not seen- does it mean by kaNdu - seen and realised one
beyond comparison or unable to recognise there is no equal to this person. 

Oh bhakthaas, See here a big scene is happening- first heard that music,
then seen singly, then inviting all to come and see, not enjoying singly but
with all - in the "koodi irunthu kuLirnthu" principle, then losing all
senses- singly or jointly? 

Nangaai- oh my girl- oh my mind- mind is also a girl for it is a permanent
resident inside the body, needs support all the times, support of the body,
through the reins called senses, unpredictable in behaviour like a lady- so
nangaai a girl and also the mind.
kunRu eduththu aanirai kaaththa piraan- this young Lord or God who lifted
gOvardhana giri in that young age to save the cows and cowherds.

kOvalanaai kuzhal oothi oothi- he is the king, also gOpaalan- protector of
cows- it is but natural for these cowherds to play some musical instruments-
here my gOpaalan plays flute.
kanRugaL mEiththu than thOzharOdu kalanthu udan varuvaanai - he grazes the
calves and mingles so easily with friends and returning home now
theruvil kaNdu- seen in the streets 

enRum ivanai oppaarai kaNdariyEn- I am unable to see a comparable one to
this Lord- this krishna - irunthaal thanE kaNpathaRku- if available could be
seen but really is there one equal to my krishna?- no then?
KaNdu ariyEn- seen that krishna but not realised, since seen known but not
realised who he is- not recognised who he is- is it possible to fully
realise who he is?-oh my good god - is it at all possible to unless you
bestow your special grace like that Arjuna who had your viswaroopanm and
gave a description of it for our benefit!

Edi vanthu kaNaai - hey, please come and see again
onRum nillaa vaLai kazhanRu thugil EnthiLa mulaiyum en vasamallavE- nothing
stands on me- the bangles loose, the cloth on my bosom gone the body also
looses my control- becoming a senile because of love of that krishna- that
very sight of him makes to loose control on senses.

Oh bhakthaas- For the eyes how was that thOzharOdu kalanthu udan varuvaanai
theruvil kaNdu scene- that varuvaanai- how he came is a treat- any amount of
description will not adequately describe that beauty- what a supreme taste-
read patiently- enjoy every bit of the line- immerse yourself in it.

Valli nuN idhazh anna aadai koNdu 
vasai ara thiru arai viriththu uduththu

surigaiyum theRivillum cheNdu kOlum saaththi 
aaniraiyin meeLak kuRiththa sangam saaththi 
paNaik kachchu unthi saaththi
palli nuN paRRaaga udaivaaL saaththi

sindhurap podi koNdu senni appi
than thiru neRRi mEl thiru naamam ittu sindhuram ilanga
suruL pangi thanneri pangiyai azhagiya nEththiraththaal aninthu

kOlach chenthaamaraik kaN miLira
pavaLavaai muRuvalum thiruththiya kORambum

valankaathil mElthOnRip poo aNinthu
suRRi ninRu aayargaL thazhai ida
thazhaigaLum thongalum thadhumbi
angu or ilaiyathanaal antharaminRi neela narunkunchi 
thirukkuzhalum silingaaraththal thaazhavittu

mallagai vanamalai mouval maalai pala thazhai naduvE
mullai naRu malar vEngai malar aNinthu
saalap panniRaip pinne thazhaik kaavin keezh ninRu
than thirumEni oLi thigazha
alangaaraththaal indhiran pOl varum aayappiLLai kaNNan

oru kaiyaal oruvan than thOLai oonRi thOzhanmaar 
mElaadaiyum koNdu (udan) Oda
theenkuzhal vaai maduththu oothi oothi isai paadi kuniththu
paRRi  ninRu aayarpadi kadaiththalaiyE paadavum aadakkaNdEn.

viNNin meethu amarar virumbith thozha miRaiththu
vaadiya piLLai kaNNan kaalippinnE
manjaLum mEniyum vadivum  pallaayar kuzhaam naduvE 
aayarpaadiyil veethiyoodE ezhuntharuLak kaNdu-

I lost my senses in that aanandham and hence could not give meaning for

Dhaasan Vasudevan M.G.

PS: meaning in next post. Till that time please excuse me. 
Dear Mani, please excuse for stretching this topic. The taste is so high
that I want to share with you all further on this.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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