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re: thirumaN kaappu

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 21:56:30 PST

Dear Padma priya and other bhakthaas of the list,

On the subject of wearing thirumaN kaappu by women, I have to say the
following based on "sthree dharmangal' chapter in the book on sadhaachaara
practices, by prakrutham HH Sri Azhagiyasingar.

First for "sumangali sthree"- [viz. Married women with husband living] Such
sumangalis after their bath must wear 2 vasthrams in red colour. [one sari
and another one as jacket]. 

On the lighter side, please do not ask me "is it red only daily?- then what
happens to all the different colours available in the wardrobe?" The answer
is -yes- as per the slokam in the book but in practice it may be different
since we do many other things what is said and not said].

Then, perform aachamanam after washing the feet once again [this is apart
from having cleaned all the body during the bath].

You may ask "How to do this aachamanam"- The answer is- without the praNavam
and the 4th vibakthi for the naamam of achyutha etc, the sumangali has to
utter the aachamana manthram and drink the water 3 times- i.e. say achyutha
anantha govindha. Then recite the 12 namams of bhagavaan in the aachamana
manthra -plainly means without pranavam and namah. Simple uttering only and
not like men who say these- pranavam achyuthaaya namah: Similarly no
touching of the body in 12 places like men during these 12 nama uttering [no
anga nyaasam in 12 places like two eyes, nose etc for ladies].

Then adorn the single thirumaN kaappu in the perumaaL sannadhi [puja room]
in the shape of bhagavaan thiruvadi- feet of the lord or ardha chandran. The
sree chooraNam has to be in the shape of the dheepa rEkai (the flame shape
of an oil lit lamp] or pumpkin seed {and definitely not round}.  

Then turn towards sun and give one argyam without any manthram. Then have
the dhyaanam on the guru parampara and carry out ashtaakshara japam as per
upadhEsam. There is no need for praaNaayaamam sankalpam etc like men for
this japam.

Now for the vidhavaa sthree- more or less same as sumangali, but the dress
has to be in kashaaya colour or naarmadi - dull colour- the thirumaN is 12
in number like men -at same places as for men.

[please note here for sumangali it is ONE only and for widow it is 12- in
earlier mail Sri MaadhavakkaNNan has said 12 for women also but please note
the nirNayam here].

For young and unmarried girls there is no nirNayam in the book. 

The following view is mine. In those days, as the girls once attain puberty
or just around that age, they will be given in marriage and then the
samaasrayaNam and upadEsam of the moola manthram will be performed, there is
NO rule laid down for the young girls. But for the boys, there are rules and
regulations, since they have to undergo upanayanam and the vEdha adhyayanam
after 7th year.

But these days the marriages take place after the age of 20 etc, the
procedures as laid for sumangali can be adopted by these women also till
they get married and become eligible as per the nirNayam. Earlier days, only
married women will be performed samaasrayaNam but nowadays  spinster of more
than 20 also get these done by aachaaryaas and hence I am sure such
relaxation can be had in this thirumaN kaappu  rules also.

So I appreciate the desire of Padmapriya in asking this question. Definitely
you can start wearing the thirumaN daily.

Vasudevan M.G. 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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