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Editorial of SriRangaSri Vol.I / Issue 3 left behind

From: Ram Anbil (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 11:20:52 PST

Dear Bhagavatas:
The Editorial of Volume I / Issue 3 containing Deepavali greetings and the 
contents of the issue was left behind. The same is presented for the 
information of Bhkati List members. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Anbil Ramaswamy
Sriman! Sri Ranga Sriyam anubadravam anudinam samvardhaya/
Sriman! Sri Ranga Sriyam anubadravam anudinam samvardhaya/
Kaveri VardhathAm KalE, kAlE varshathu vAsava:/
Sri RanganAthO jayathu Sri Ranga Sris cha VardhathAm//
Volume I / Issue 3 dated 21st October 2000
In this Issue:
Deepavali Greetings from Sri Ranga Sri and Editorial
1. "Sriranga Vijayam" Purisai Sri Krishnamachariar Swami.
2. "Sri BAshyAmrutham"- Part I : An Introduction
3. "AchArya Vamsa Vriksham" - Part 31 A - Anbil Ramaswamy.
4. "Learn our Sampradayam the easy way" -Lesson 8 " Dharma"
5. "Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam" - Sri D. Soundararajan Swami.
Deepavali Greetings from Sri Ranga Sri :
Dear Bhagavatas:
We wish you a very Happy Deepavali.
Thava JyOthir Jwalathu!
Let your light shine.
Let the festival of lights light and delight our live
Editorial :
Hope you have gone through the first 2 issues of "SriRangaSri" inaugurated 
on 8th October 2000 on the Tirunakshatram day of Swami Desikan, with the 
Srimukhams blessings of almost all YathisrEshtas and AchAryas.Your kind 
attention is ivited to
where the issues are archived for public view.

Membership :
Within a week, the number of subscribers to the journal has crossed the
century mark and many more requests are being received everyday.
If you are satisfied, tell your friends, who may be interested, to join by 
sending a message to
If not, please tell us!

Materials received:
We have been blessed with not only the Srimukhams but also with a plethora 
of articles of quality on the various aspects of our Sampradayam - running 
to several hundreds of pages besides several recordings on audio cassettes 
exclusively for publishing in "SriRangaSri" (e.g) HH. ParakAla Matam Jeeyar, 
SarvaSri Purisai Krishnamachar Swami,  V.S, Karunakaran Swami,  Seva Swami,
M.K.Srinivasan Swami,  Srivatsankachar Swami,  Uruppattur Soundararajan 
Swami and many others. We have to stagger the releases and the articles with 
minimal editing to suit the electronic journal format.

In this Issue, we feature the following:
1. SRIRANGA VIJAYAM: Since the journal is named "Sri Ranga Sri", Sri Purisai 
Swami commanded that we commence with his series "Sriranga Vijayam" on the 
glory of Srirangam and the Divya Dhampathis there.

2. "SRI BASHYAMRUTAM" - An introduction by HH Srimad Andavan of
Poundarikapuram Asramam and a short synopsis of the contents of Bhagavad Sri 
Ramanyjacharya's "Sri Bashyam" by Late Tirupputkuzhi Narasimha Tatachariar 
Swami of Sri Hayagriva Vidya Peetam.
(Due to space constraints, other topics relating to "GitAmrutam",
"PrabandhAmrutam" and "DesikAmrutam" will be taken up subsequently)

3. "ACHARYA VAMSA VRIKSHAM": This series was commenced as
commanded by HH Srimad Andavan of Poundarikapuram Asramam and
was being serialized in "SaraNAgathi" journal earlier, upto Part 30. The
Parampara of Ahobila Matam has been exhaustively dealt with in
"AchArya Vaibhavam" by Sri VisishTadvaita Pracharini Sabha. As for
TennAchArya lineage, Sri A. Krishnamachari Swami of "Sri Vaishnava Sri"
informed that they have already provided information through their
Home page. As per HH's direction and the demand from many readers, we
continue the series now from Part 31. featuring the details of Munitraya
lineage of Poundarikapuram Asramam and Srirangam Srimad Andavan of
Periyasramam. For the latter, Sri R. Srinivasan of Brakes, India Ltd, and 
Sri Natteri Rajagopalan Swami, Editor of Sri Ranganatha Paduka have
made available relevant materials. After this, we propose to cover the
AchArya Parampara of other Munitraya lineages as well as Sri ParakAla mutt, 
for which HH Abhinava Vageesa Brahma Tantra Swatantra Swami has provided a 
couple of books (1 in English and 1 in Kannada) besides 2 other articles in 
Kannada. We hereby convey our heartfelt thanks to them.

4.  "SAMPRADAYA LESSONS": Sri Seva Swami had asked that his Tamil lessons be 
translated into English and published in the Internet journal. 7 out of 20 
lessons for Grade I were published in "SaraNAgathi" journal. While some felt 
that the series was "kidstuff", we have received encouragement from many
readers who demanded continuing the same, as being most useful for the
younger generation, especially on this side of the globe. In fact, it was 
meant to be "kidstuff" and written with the specific purpose of educating 
the kids (being raised here) on the basics of our tradition. Sri 
M.K.Srinivasan Swami has also translated both the parts in English and has 
kindly provided the same to us. We will serialize his translation  for Part 
II after completing the lessons of Part I.
He has observed-" I shall be writing in the form of letters to children. It 
will be really "KIDSTUFF". As long as there are kids and kids continue to 
come into this world, we cannot stop kidstuff! Does anyone stop 
manufacturing toys? In fact, they make newer and newer toys each time. 
"Arichuvadi" continues to be published with glossier pictures. Let me be 
known as a 'Kidman' rather as anything else"

Uruppattur Chakravarthi Soundararaja Iyengar, Chairman of Hayagriva Vidya 
PeeTam and of the Board of Editors of "Sri Kanchi Perarulalan" has provided 
us with his booklet entitled as above. This will be useful for those who 
have outgrown their "kid stage". The author provides in a capsule form the 
salient points relating to our Sampradayam so lucidly that it will be a kind 
of "refresher" for the "learned ones" also.
Anbil Ramaswamy
Editor & Publisher
"Sri Ranga Sri"

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