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From: Ramanan Rajagopalan (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 09:37:42 PST

Respected Bagavathas:

Pranams! I have a small doubt. I wanted to recite 
Sudarsanashtakam daily, and so dowloaded the stotra from Bhakti 
list website. I am a Bachelor living with few others in an apt.
Eventhough we have separate pooja room, I am a bit fearful to 
recite the sloka daily. The reason is that except pooja room 
our apt. is always with fellow friends,and hence not cclean 

Can I recite this Sloka still. I have heard from my Father that 
to recite this sloka, the place should be absolutely clean and 

Please clear my doubt,


Sri Ramanuja Dasan,
Ramanan Rajagopalan

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