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"NaimisAraNyam Paasurams of Kaliyan : Part IV

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Nov 12 2000 - 14:53:35 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

This is the concluding part in the series of
NaimisAraNyam postings . These postings are my 
humble samarpanams to adiyEn's SamAsrayaNa
paramparai AchAryan , HH Sri VeerarAghava
YathIndhra MahA Desikan , the 43rd Jeeyar
to adorn the Great AchArya Peetam of Sri Matam 
prior to His ascent to Sri Vaikuntam from
NaimisAraNya dhivya dEsam .   

The Summary of the Meanings of the Paasurams

(1) Oh EmperumAn presiding over NaimisAraNyam !
adiyEn has spent my days devoted to enjoying 
the bright moon-like smiles , beautiful small foreheads , 
big bamboo like shoulders and the pretty breasts of 
young women ;adiyEn considered them as my parama prayOjanm 
( most desired fruits of my life).After receiving upadEsam 
from you on Your sacreed ashtAkshara manthram , adiyEn 
understands now the worthlessness of my erstwhile pursuits
and have been cured of the illness of samsAraic temptations.
adiyEn got disgusted with the pursuit of siRRinbham
( ephemeral pleasures)and have turned away now from my
earlier way of life. AdiyEn has arrived at Your
sacred feet and gotten rid of all my vinais ( paapams
and puNyams) through the performance of SaraNAgathi
(naaNinEn , vanthun Thiruvadi adainthEn !)at Your
lotus feet .

(2) Oh Lord of NaimisAraNyam ! Oh MaayAvi ! adiyEn
has foolishly spent (wasted ) my days worshipping 
the well shaped , bejewelled feet and the bewitching
eyes of the beautiful ladies and did not think even
for a moment about You , who is Dharma Svaroopi .
adiyEn chased these pleasures endlessly and wasted 
my time on this earth further and further. Now ,
with the anugraham of Your moola manthram , adiyEn
has cast aside these activities as worthless and 
have sought Your sacred feet as the one and only 
refuge (vaanOr nalam purinthu irainjum Thiruvadi 

(3) Oh Lord of NaimisAraNyam ! adiyEn engaged 
in gambling and to compensate for the losses 
sustained in these games went on a rampage at 
nights to steal monies from stranger's houses.
With the fire of lust propelling me , adiyEn
chased beautiful women and served them in
despicable ways .Suddenly , adiyEn remembered 
the terrible treatment awaiting me at the hands of 
the servants of Yamadharma Raajan as a result
of these acrions and began to shudder. Oh Lord ! 
adiyEn chose then your Thiruvadi as the unfailing 
upAyam and have now arrived at Your holy feet in haste 
and have performed SaraNAgathi to banish the terrible 
fate that awaited me (NaathanE vanthun Thiruvadi 
adainthEn ).

(4) Oh Prabhu of NaimisArANyam ! adiyEn has 
reflected upon the lot of those , who leave 
the sides of their wives with fragrant hair and 
go after the neighbor's wives and property ; these
miserable people at the end of their lives here 
are lassoed by the Yama kinkaraas and taken
to Narakam , where they are asked harshly 
to embrace red hot copper statues of women
as punishment against their sins.Initmidated 
over such a lot befalling me , adiyEn has rushed
as fast as possible to Your sacred feet for 
protection ( NambanE Vanthun Thiruvadi adainthEn ).

(5)Oh DeavarAja PerumAL of NaimisAraNyam ! When poor 
and hungry people came to my door and begged me to
give them a handful of rice to overcome their pangs of
hunger , adiyEn chased them away with harsh words.
adiyEn did not think at that time about the cruelty of 
my action and the resulting sins.Now that adiyEn 
understood the treatment awaiitng me at the hands of 
the fearsome servants of Yamadharman ,I shuddered 
and  rushed to Your sacred feet to avert those 
calamities.(Nadunki naan Thiruvadi adainthEn ).

(6) Oh Lord ! adiyEn was one , who did not focus my
mind on performing auspicious deeeds and instead 
engaged in acts that enraged others. adiyEn went on 
animal hunts in the forest with my dogs and enjoyed 
the himsai to the janthus (the beasts of the forest )
through killing them. AdiyEn was bereft of Jn~Anam 
and vivekam about the consequences of my actions . 
Now that adiyEn has realized that You are the commander
(Lord) of Yamadharman himself and that You are 
the most powerful Dayaa Murthy , who churned 
the milky ocean to bless the dEvAs with nectar , 
I have run to Your lotus feet and gotten rid of 
the fear of Yama lOkam (naadi naan vanthunn 
Thiruvadi adainthEn) and performed SaraNAgathi .

(7)Oh Lord , Who does not leave adiyEn's mind !
adiyEn has  approached your sacred feet now in 
a state of panic arising from the fear of landing 
in the ancient narakam . Fully cognizant of the dangers 
awaiting me there for performing avidly the deeds 
prohibited by Your SaasthrAs through my mind , body 
and speech (Manas , Vaak and Kaayam ), adiyEn has sought 
Your sacred feet as protection against all samsAric ills . 
Oh Lord who destroys the enemies of Your devotees ! 
Please provide me the rakshaNam against the consequences
of all my sins .(VaanavA , DhAnavarkku yenRum nanjanE,
Vanthun Thiruvadi adainthEn).

(8) Oh DeavarAja PerumALE ! adiyEn can not survive anymore
the consequences of the commands of Kali Purushan, who
has ordered my panchEndhriyams to torture me.They are
following his command rigorously and are goading me 
to accumulate a huge bundle of sins (Moksha VirOdhis).
As an antidote , adiyEn is reflecting on the meanings of
Your Moola Manthram and has shaken the grip of my
Indriyams and have composed sweet paasurams hailing 
Your anantha kalyANa gunams .Now , adiyEn has arrived 
at Your sacred feet to offer them(paasurams) as SamarpaNam .
(paadhamE paravi naann paNinthu , naavinAl vanthu
unn Thiruvadi adainthEn ).

(9) Oh DEvAthi Deva ! Oh Lord of Sri Devi
seated on the Lotus flower ! Oh Lord who rests 
on AdhisEshan at the milky Ocean ! adiyEn has understood 
this body as being made up of the walls of flesh 
supported by the pillars of bones and covered by 
the roof of hair . When adiyEn leaves this cottage(body) 
with nine openings , adiyEn had consoled myself 
with the thought that Your Thiruvadis are the one 
and only means (upAyam )for escaping from the cycles 
of births and deaths.Now that adiyEn has been blessed 
with the bhAgyam to reach Your sacred feet ,there are
no more fears for me about samsAric ills.

(10) Thus  those who invoke the Lord of NaimisAraNyam
in their hearts and recite with devotion the paasurams 
of Kaliyan and reflect on their deep meanings would 
enjoy bhOgams on this earth (His leelA vibhUthi) and
live forever with the nithyasUris in Sri Vaikuntam
(Nithya VibhUthi) at the end of their lives here.

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE Saranam ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 



           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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