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HH Srirangam Srimad Andavan's upanyAsams in Telugu

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Sun Nov 12 2000 - 07:47:01 PST

Dear bhAgavathas,

During the recent AchArya ArAdhanam in Chicago, I was approached
by Sri Kesavan Kannan of Sri Ramanuja Mission with a very kind
from HH Srimad Andavan Swamy to those of us here in the US who
have connections to Andhra Pradesh.

HH Srirangam Srimad Andavan Swamy is already very well known for
his inspiring tele-upanyAsams in Tamizh.   But, I understand that
is equally eloquent in Telugu, and would be willing to bless us
with tele-discourses in this language, as well, if there is

The purpose of this message is to generate this interest and to
obtain the names and contact e-mails on behalf of Ramanuja
Mission of those who would be interested in hearing HH's
tele-upanyAsams in Telugu.  If I understand correctly, the cost
these upanyAsams will be free, with donations being accepted on a
voluntary basis.

I would encourage those of you who are interested to reply to me
as soon as it is convenient, so that we all can soon benefit from
the wisdom of this very great AchAryan.

Ramanuja Dasan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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