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"NaimisAraNyam Paasurams of Kaliyan : Part III

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Nov 12 2000 - 06:19:27 PST

SrimathE RaamAnujAya nama:

Dear BhakthAs :

Earlier , adiyEn has mentioned that HH the 44th Jeeyar of
Ahobila Matam ascended parama padham from this dhivya dEsam ,
where the Lord is Vana Roopi . adiyEn dedicates this posting 
to his sacred memory . This most compassionate Jeeyar blessed 
adiyEn with SamAsrayaNam as a young boy . His memory will
always be green for adiyEn . He also hails from the small
village next to Oppiliappan Koil and was devoted to 
Lord Oppiliappan all his life . His VairAgyam, anushtAnam ,
Scholarship and Dayaa for his sishyAs were exemplary .
AdiyEn starts this posting with anantha kOti praNAmams 
to his sacred feet .

This is KalyAna Uthsava season at Oppiliappan Koil 
( Iyppasi SravaNam ). Our family's annual kaimkaryam 
of Thirumanjanam of the Lord will take place on 
Tuesday , November 14 . Those of you who are in 
Tamil Naadu are welcomed to join in this Thirumanajna
uthsavam on the VidAyERRI day after the dhivya dampathi's
ThirukkalyANam .The uthsavam will start at 12 noon on Nov 14.
adiyEn's sister Sow.Padma Veeraraghavan will represent 
all of us at the Thirumanjana Uthsavam.

NaimisAraNya Paasurams

Our Sri Madhavakkannan of Simhapuri has covered earlier
the Paasurams of NaimisArANyam in his inimitable manner
as a part of the ongoing series on Thriumangai Mannan's 
Periya Thirumozhi. adiyEn refers you to his article in
Bhakthi archives. 

These ten paasurams are nikarsha anusandhAnam steeped 
in nirvEdha anubhavam . Nikarsham means lowliness
or unfitness . Nikarsha anusandhAnam is a declaration
of that lowliness , which is part of the experience of
ananya gathithvam ( having no on else to protect 
except the Lord ) . It is also a revealing example 
of "Vyaktha artha panchakam ". It explains the meanings 
of artha panchakam (Isvara Svaroopam , Jeeva Svaroopam ,
MokshOpAyam , Moksha phalan and the obstacles/enemies 
for realization of that Moksham ).

Thirumangai Mannan stands in the middle of the vanam
of NaimisArANyam and states his aakinchanyam ( utter 
helplessnes ) and ananyagathithvam and performs 

AzhwAr addresses his Sarva Swami ,who is Sarva-prAkaara ,
Niradhisaya BhOgyan ( Supreme Lord , who is the most 
enjoyable one in every way ).AzhwAr requests the Sarva-dEsa-
Sarva Kaala-SSrvaavasthOchitha -sarva vidha Kaimkaryam
( Nithya Kaimkarya praapthi fit for all Places , Times 
and States befitting the Jeevan's svaroopam ) , 
which is the svaroopa prApthi for a SaraNAgathan 
and prays for the banishment of the VirOdhis for 
such a phalan .He seeks paripoorNa kaimkaryam 
in a state where even the trace of sva-rakshaNa bharam 
( thought that one is in charge of protecting 
oneself ) is destroyed and the Aathma-rakshA bhara 
samarpaNam is done at the sacred feet of 
Sri Lakshmi NaarAyaNan. This is the anga-panchaka-
sampanna SaraNAgathi ( SaraNAgathi performed with its
five parts) . Thirumangai's prayers are answered 
and he states that he is now blessed 
with the Bhaagyam of Nithya kaimkaryam at 
the Lord's sacred feet due to His grace 
( naanudait tavatthAl thiruvadi adainthEn ). 

The sins listed by Thirumangai in the NaimisAraNya
Paasurams were not accumulated by him at all. He is
a MahAthmA . Thirumangai and other great souls refer
to them only for the benefit of us , who are deluded 
about the upAyam and upEyam (means and goal)and 
continue to wallow in the samsAric mud.

In the next and the concluding posting , adiyEn
will summarize the meanings of the ten paasurams
of Thirumangai on NaimisAraNYam.

RaamAnuja Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil V.SatakOpan  

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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