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Re: Chillarai Rahasyams

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 19:30:06 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

Prior to my restart on ChillaRai Rahasyams ,
I wanted to share a posting that I have received 
from Sri Hari Of Singapore.Here it is:

" SrI DESikan has blessed us all with 32 rahasya grantams in maNi-pravALa style.
These works explain elaborately the tatva-hita-purushArthams thus explaining
the secret meanings enshrined in the three secret mantras namely AshtAksharam,
dwayam and charama-slOkam. As these concepts are deep and difficult to be
comprehended, they are to be learnt as "bahudhA srOthavyam" and this is the
reason for numerous titles in this context. Of these rahasya grantams, the
following are voluminous. 
1. SrImath Rahasyatraya sAram
2. Abhaya-pradAna sAram
3. Parama-pada-sOpAnam
4. Para-matha-bhangam
5. SrI Hasthi-giri-mahAthmiyam

The rest of the rahasya grantams are not that voluminous 
nd in fact highly condensed in volume. This is the reason why 
hese grantas (other than the 5 grantas mentioned above 
ut of the 32 rahasya grantas) are called "chillarai

The term "chillarai" is also sometimes written as
"chillaRai".The two "ra"s (ra and Ra) in Tamil 
are to be noted here for differentiation.The "arai" in 
"chillarai" means "half". This indicates the condensed 
nature (in volume ) of these "chillarai rahasyams". 

Few may object that the term "chillaRai" is used to 
denote coins of lower denomination of currency) 
and therefore these highly regarded rahasyams 
should not be called as "chillaRai". To overrule 
this objection, it is said that the term "chillaRai" 
or "chillarai" is NOT meant to denote any inferiority 
of these Sri Sookthis in any manner but only used to mean 
that these chillaRai rahasyams are shorter in volume 
and cover the same subject with highest regards 
and respect ; also in ancient times, the meaning of 
the terms was only this ; only in more recent periods, 
the meaning relating to " inferiority" came into vogue.
Therefore the above objection is not sustained ".

Hari Sarngarajan of Singapore 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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