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Periya Thirumozhi 11.5- saazhal pAsurams- Parathvam vs Sowlabhyam!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 04:39:04 PST

Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:
Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AhwAr who had enjoyed the avtaars of SarvEshwaran, now expresses the 
greatness of Emperumaan is sazzhal form. Saazhal pAsurams are like two 
parties teasing each other as to who is greater. Your side or my side. One 
friend of Parakala nayaki takes the Parathavam (Supremacy) of The Lord as 
her favourite, while the other one enjoys His sowlabhyam. Sri Anbil 
Ramaswamy one had written: Parathvam kaNdu anjAmaikku sowlabhyam; Sowlabhyam 
kaNdu igazhaamaikku parathvam. (In order not to get scared od His Parathvam, 
Sowlabhyam needs to be of thought of; in order not to belittle His 
Greatness, Parathvam needs to be contemplated.) .In this ten, AzhwAr enters 
into a duel, where Parathvam and sonwbhayam are argued in saazhal style. One 
side extolls the greatness of RaamA and KrishNa , the VibhavAvathArams , 
while the other side mocks at such celerbration by questioning that 
greatness of the Lord in a playful way. An excellent ten again by Num 
Kaliyan. (A light hearted quarrel to enjoy GuNAanubahavms of PerumAL.

Let us get into the scene and witness the fight and ENJOY..

1. Maanamaru mennOkki vaidhEvi inthuNaiyaak*
Kaanamarun kalladharpOyk kaadu uRaindhaan kaaNEdI!*
Kaanamarun kalladharpOyk kaadu uRanidha pon adikkaL*
Vaanavartham senni malar kaNdaay saazhalE!

One girl: my friend! Look at the way He walked on those hard stones and 
lived in the forest with the most beautiful deer eyed Sita PiraTTi, as His 
sweet spouse. (implying that He is such a sowlabhyan to walk on this earth 
in the forest to live there. )

Her friend: Know well clearly that the Lotus Feet (of the One who resided in 
the forest) are the flowers that adorn the Nithyasooris. (He is The Cheilf- 

Is there any grivance for us, as He is the ParipoorNan?

2. thandhai thaLaikazhalath thOnRippOy aaypaadi*
nandhan kula madhalaiyaay vaLarndhaan kaaNEdI!
nandhan kulamadhalai yaay vaLarndhaan naanmugaRkku*
thanthaikaaN* enthai petumaan kaaN saazhalE!

One girl: oh friend! Look at the way He grew as a small cowherd Boy in 
Nandha gOpan’s kulam in Ayarpaadi, the One who appeared, removing the 
shackles of His Father, Vasudevar and grew at Ayar paadi!

Her friend: See. He, the One who grew at Ayarpadi (among cowgerd folks) is 
the Father of Chathumukha brahmA. Also He is my Swami. See. (ajAyamaanO 
bahudhaa vijAyathE.. The birthless Lord took so manu births for us. Hence, 
Is there any grievance for us?)

3. Aazh kadal soozh vaiyahatthAr yEsap pOy Aaypaadi*
thAzh kuzhalAr vaittha thayir undAn kaaNEdI!
thazzh kuzhalAr vaittha thayir unda ponn vaiyiRu* ivv
yEzhu ulagam undum idamm udaitthu aal saazhalE

What a Beautiful One!
One girl: oh friend! Look at that stomach that had eaten the curd kept in 
Ayarpadi by those AyarpAdi women. He stooped down so low to steal the curd 
and ate. He was talked about everyone in this world surrounded by oceans. 
(What Lord are You  talking about- a robber?)

Her friend: Accharyam! Most wonderful thing! The stomach that you are 
talking about as the one that eaten the stolen curd is the same stomach that 
had swallowed the seven worlds and still had lots and lots of space for 
other worlds too. (Such is the Greateness of our most merciful Lord who 
saves us during mahApraLyam also. Is there any grievance for us?)

4. aRiyaadhaarkku AnAyanAgippOy* AyppAdi/
uRiyaar naRuveNNay uNdu ugandhaan kaaNEdI!
uRiyaar naRuveNNay uNdu ugandha ponvayiRRukku*
yerineer ulaganaiithum yeydhaadhaal saazhalE.

One girl: Look at Him. He enjoyed eating the most fragrant butter kept in 
hanging pots (uRi) in AyarpAdi where the illiterate cowherd folks lived 
without even knowing that “He is the Paraman born as human being, born as a 
cowherd boy amongst us to rear the cows”.

Her friend: The One who  enjoyed eating the most fragrant butter has the 
most valuable (pon vayiRu) stomach which can not be filled even after 
swallowing all worlds surrounded by oceans.

5. vaNNak karunkuzhal aaycchiyaal motthuNdu*
kaNNik kuRunkayiRRaal kattuNdaan kaaNEdI!
kaNNik kuRunkayiRRaal kattuNdaan aagilum*
yeNNaRkku ariyan imaiyOrrkum saazhalE!

One girl: Look at Him. He got Himself tied down by a small rope. That too- 
by an illiterate dark haried cowherd woman (YashOdhai PiraaTTi). What a Lord 
is He to be tied down by her with a small rope!

Her friend: Though He was the One who got Himself tied down by a small rope, 
he can not be contemplated (His greatness can not be understood) even by 
Devas that He is of this Greatness. (Though He is such a sowabhyan for 
cowherd woman, He is incomprehensible and inaccessible for those who think, 
they can see Him with their own efforts.)

6. kanRap paRaikaRangak kaNdavartham kaNkaLippa*
manRil marakkaal kootthAdinaan kaaNEdI!
manRil marakkaal kootthAdinaanaagilum*
enRum ariyan imaiyOrkkum saazhalE!

One girl: oh friend! With the drums getting beaten, those who see get 
immense happiness, KaNNan danced in the streets of Ayarpaadi, with the pot.. 
Look at Him.

Her friend: Though he danced with the pot in the street junction, He is 
still inaccessible by Devas at all times.

7. kOdhaivEl ivarkkaay maNNagalam kooRiduvaan*
dhoothanaay mannavanaal solluNdaan KaaNEdI!
dhoothanaay mannavanaal solluNdaanaagilum*
Odhaneer vaiyagam uNdumizhandhaan saazhalE!

One girl: Oh friend! He made Himself available for those Pancha pANdavAs 
(five pANdavAs), and went as the messenger for them to ask DuryOdhanan for 
sportion of earth for PaaNdavAs. Look at Him, being simply talked about and 
humiliated by DuryOdhanan. (Such a sowlabhyan is He).

Her friend: Though He was talked about by DuryOdhanan, when he went as the 
messenger, He swallowed the world surrounded by oceans and spat it out 
during praLayam. (He saves us at all times. )

8. paarmannar ma~ngap padaithottu venjamatthuth*
thEr mannarkkayanRu thEroorndhaan kaaNEdI!
thEr mannarkkaayanRu thEroorndhaan aagilum*
thaar manaar tha~ngaL thalaimElOn saazhalE!

One girl: oh friend! Look at the way he drove the chariot at the driver for 
arjunan in the battle field and supported enabling Arjunan to destroy the 
kings in the battle field.

Her friend: Though He drove the chariot for the king (Arjunan), see Him 
sitting on top of the heards of those kings (PaaNdavaas). (meaning: He is 
the king of Kings, though He was such a sowlabhyan to drive the chariot)

9. kaNdaar irangak kazhiyak kuRaLuruvaay*
vaNdaaraan vELviyil maNNirandhaan kaaNEdI!
vaNdaaraan vELviyil maNNirandhaan aagilum*
viNdEzh ulagukkum mikkaan kaaN saazhalE!

One girl: oh frield! Look at Him walking in such a small dwarf, pitied by 
those who see Him, walking into the yaagasaalai of bhali and begged him for 
the measures of earth. (what a Lord is He!)

Her friend: Though He had begged for the earth in the yaagasaalai of Bhali, 
see Him. He is the Vibhu (viNdu- VishNu- One who has manifested everywhere), 
who is all seven worlds and is even beyond! (One who was looked down upon by 
Bhali is beyond everyone and everything and cannot be understood or seen by 
anyone in His Fullest entirety.

10.	kaLLatthaal maavaliyai moovadi maN koNdu aLandha*
veLLatthaan vEnkatthaan enbaaraal kaaNEdI!
veLLatthaan vEnkatthaanElum* kalikanRi*
uLLatthinuLLE uLan kaNdaay saazhalE!

(an excellent ending of this ten by our Great AzhwAr)

One girl: oh friend: Cunningly, He cheated Bhali and got the three worlds 
from Bhali. He is The One who reclines in the milky Ocean, having his Yoga 
nitthrA thinking as to how and what all good that He can do to us. Look at 
Him, who has come to ThiruvEmkatam also.

Her friend: See. The One who reclines in Milky Ocean who has come down to 
ThiruvEmkatam is the One who is also in the heart of Kaliyan also.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
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