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krishna- how you entered my mind -3

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 01:53:27 PST

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

Continuing the subject of "Eppadiththaan en uLLam pugunthu ennai adimai
koNdeerO Swamy?"

The way mother RukmiNi addressed you in her letter as "bhuvana sundharaa",
hEy krishNa, has left a sweet imprint in my mind. Rolling it in my mind
again and again, thinking you, the bhuvana sundharan enhances the sweetness
in thoughts. You are  "eNNaththuL enRum irunthu thiththikkum perumaan"
-2-3-11 -periyaazhvaar and I get confirmation of that, one more number in
the long list of available confirmations. "Sundharah" is the 791 th naamam
in Sri vishnu sahasra naamam. This also gives further weight to this rolling
of thought of you as "bhuvana sundharan". 

Oh bhakthaas, "Udhbhavas sundhara sundhO rathna naabha sulOchana: arkO
vajasana srungee jayanthas sarva vijjayee" is the full slokam containing
this beautiful naamam. When we experience beauty in the world, we consider
*	either by proportion 
*	or the symmetry 
*	or the tender charm in the object. 
Within the mind of the observer, there reflects for a moment of time, 
*	the rhythmic grace in the proportion, 
*	the smooth peace in the symmetry, 
*	or the joy of ecstasy, 
which ripples out from the object into the contemplative eye. In all these
conditions, the observer's mind sensitive to the aestheticism in his
quietens. It is at such moments of supreme inner satisfaction, the flashes
of "beauty experiences" flood the bosom of the observer, which is nothing
but the manifestation of naaraayaNan, the sundharah. It is aanandham beyond
description, and can only be experienced. Description is very difficult- may
be that is why it is said kaNdavar viNdilar- viNdavar kaNdilar.

Oh krishNa! hearing repeatedly about you rukmiNi made out a picture -
chithra roopam of you in her mind- so addressed you as "bhuvana sundharaa",
-but when you lifted her physically just before the marriage, were you taken
back her stunning beauty, you nithya brahmachaari? [so says NaaraayaNa
battaththiri NB in his naaraayaNeeyam- which you also confirmed by nodding
your head as yes]

Oh! Bhakthaas! let us enjoy that NB slokam for its beauty-
Bhuvana mOhana rooparuchaa thadhaa vivasithaakhila raajakadhambayaa
Thvamapi dhEva kataaksha vimOkshaNai: pramadhaya madhayanchakrushE manaak!
Canto 79- slokam 6- 
Meaning: that attractive damsel rukmiNi whose bewitching beauty held all the
assembled kings spell bound, did generate a trace of infatuation even in
thee by the frequent glances she cast at thee. (pl take the meaning and the
taste it creates and not comment about the free translation for I know my
limited capacity in that) 

Pl see here how mother rukmiNi is addressed- "bhuvana mOhana roopa ruchaa'-
a perfect match for that bhuvana sundharan- "naadum nagarum aRiya nalladhOr
kaNNaalam seithu saadirap paaintha perumaan" kaNNan aayiRRE avan- 3-8-6
periyaazhvaar- so naturally there has an equal and matching bhuvana mOhana
roopa sundhari for that bhuvana sundharan.

This leads me, oh! my lord! To doubt whether you entered into me through the
eyes by exhibiting your beauty- kaN vazhiyE pugunthu ennai adimai koNdeerO

For your figure- roopam is "vilOchana rasaayanam" says Leela sukhar and that
rasaayanam creates lot of reaction in me.

AandhOlithaagra Bhujamaakula nEthraleelamadhram 
Smithaadhram vadhanaambuja chandhrabimbam
Sinjaana BhooshaNasatham sikhipinja moulim 
seetham vilOchana rasaayanamapyupaithi! 1-70
meaning: one chemical to be enjoyed by the eyes comes in front of the eyes
of me which has
*	dangling long hands
*	rolling beautiful eyes (lotus eyes)
*	the smile which melts hearts
*	due to that smile the face is so cool like a moon and also similar
to the lotus in full bloom
*	lot of jewels making jingling noise
*	peacock feathers tucked in the dark hair locks
*	capacity to calm down the heart
If such a fugure, vilOchana rasaayanam is appearing in front, what kind of
chemical reaction it will create in my body?- this beyond description and
called pleasure- aanandham.
Upanishad says
RasO vai sa: ! rasam hyEvaayam (hi Eva ayam) labdhvaa aanandhee bhavathi !!
Thaithreeyam 2- slokam 31 refer book of Sri uththamoor swamy on Upanishad
page 56.
Meaning - he is sweet once that sweet is had it gives aanandham.

That vilOchana rasaayana kriyaaphalam is supreme inner satisfaction of
enjoying beauty of that chemical appearing in front of eyes.
What else can I do except to loose my heart in that beauty
Maadhuryaadhapi madhuram
Manmatha thaathasya kimapi kaisOram!
Chaapalyadhapi chapalam chEthO 
Mama harathi hantha kim kurma: !! 
Leela sukhar - 1-65
Meaning - what can I do -I simply lost my heart- because he is sweetest
among the sweets, in beauty he is the father of that manmatha who is
considered the beauty, that manmatha who is wavering so easily than that
wavering lightning in beauty - bhuvana sundharaa!

Oh krishna, I am not surprised by this description of your beauty as
"bhuvana sundhara' for your father in law- periyaazhvaar- seeing you when
you are a child - at that stage itself sang 20 verses- seethakkadal - 1-3- 1
to 20- the beauty of you part by part- "paadham irundhava kaaNeerE" and
others. "I have enjoyed this beauty- oh gopees [bhakthaas] please come and
see vanthu kaNeerE" ends each verse. Then you are a child. Now you are an
adult and in the marriageable age, all these descriptions of you, are taking
place in that age. So it is naturally more than the child's beauty.

Each part to give a simple list-
1-	paadham - feet
2-	10 viralgaL-fingers in legs
3-	kaNaikkaal- ankle
4-	muzhanthaal- knee
5-	kuRangu- thudai- thighs
6-	muththam-?
7-	Marungu- hip
8-	Unthi- naval
9-	Udharam- stomach
10-	Maarbu- Chest
11-	ThOL- shoulder
12-	Kai- hands- 
13-	Khandam- throat
14-	Vaai- mouth
15-	Mookku- nose
16-	KaN- eyes
17-	Puruvam - eye brows
18-	NeRRi- lalaatam- forehead
19-	KuzhalgaL- hair locks

But the other aazhvaar thiruppaaNar also had 10 verses enjoying this beauty-
neela mEni - aiyO- nirai kondathu en nenjinaiyE- my heart is full to the
1-	paadham- feet
2-	aadai- dress
3-	unthi- naval
4-	udharam - stomach
5-	maarbu- chest
6-	khandam- throat
7-	vaai- mouth
8-	kaNgaL- eyes
9-	mEni- full body
after seeing that full beauty of that krishna - that vilOchana rasaayanam -
kaNgal maRRonRinaik kaaNaavE-  I can not see any other thing- I do not want
also- says thriuppaaNar.
By enjoying your beauty, oh my lord, I have become a slave to you at all
times - so please stay in my heart without a break- enakkE aatchei
ekkaalaththum enRu en manaththE vanthu idaiveedinRi manni- 2-9-4
nammazhvaar- please stay. That leads me to emphatically say- maalirunchOlai
maayarkku allaal anRip pin maRRoruvarkku ennaip pEsa ottEn- 3-4-5
periyaazhvaar- I am for that deceitful person - krishnan - residing at
thirumaal irum sOlai- I will not bear, if I am linked to any other person. 

Perhaps this has guided that sri vilipuththoor damsel to say "maanidavarkku
enRu pEchchup padil vaazhagillEn kaNdaai"- 1-5 nachchiyar thirumozhi- how
father leads- daughter follows.

By these, I get confirmation, oh krishna! that you entered in me through the
eyes- ninRu thOnRi kaNNuL neengaa nenjuLLum neengaavE- 5-5-3 nammazhvaar-
slowly appears in front of the eyes, enters through eyes, then will not
leave the heart after having entered. [thanks to Sri Velukkudi krishnan for
giving me this reference also along with other two already quoted.]

Dear bhakthaas allow him to enter through eyes and bind him in the heart. Do
not allow him to go out.

Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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