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kArtikai deepam.
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 11:48:01 PST

Dear Sri Seshakamal,

Your query : 

<<I need to know when Vishnu Deepam is this year, we <<have to do our Aanai 
Pandigai...I know it's supposed <<to come on Kartikai maasam Krithika 

As per SRIRANGAM kOyil vAkya-panchAngam of the
current 'vikrama-samvatsaram', the tiru-k-kArtikai 
pAncha-rAtra-deepam occurs on December 11 2000 (Monday), 
corresponding to the kArtika-pUrNimA.

The tiru-nakshatram of tiru-p-pAN AzhvAr also falls on this day.
The tiru-nakshatram of tiru-mangai-mannan and nampiLLai 
occur the day previous.    

This is the precious day on which namperumAL Sriranga-
azhakia-maNavALan  issues the directions ~~ read out aloud and in ceremony, 
as the Lord is seated under the pearl-canopy (muttu-p-pandal) of 
Sundara-pANDiyan ~~ to nammAzhvAr to repair to Srirangam to attend the 
'tiru-adhyayana-utsavam' which was started by tiru-mangai-AzhvAr. After the 
Lord's message is read out, the Lord returns to his AsthAnam in
'tiru-k-kaittalam', on the arms of the 'archaka'.   The palm-leaf epistle 
("pattOlai") is delivered to Sri kOyil kandADai aNNan who carries it devoutly 
to the sannidhi of nammAzhvAr where drops of nal-eNNai (sesamum oil) are 
given to the assembled devotees, symbolically recalling the despatch of 
travel and camping amenities from Srirangam to the AzhvAr's band 
("parijanam") gearing to proceed to Srirangam for the 'tiru-adhyayana' 

The kArtika-poorNimA is also significant as the birth-day of Guru Nanak Dev.

As per the Srirangam almanac, the month of vRSchikam
(= kArtikai) commences November 16, when earthen lamps
are lit and repeated through the month.   The padma purANam celebrates this 
month thus ~~

Agatah kArtikO mAsah janAnAm chitta-ranjakah,
yasmin deepAh pradeeyantE nArAyaNa-parAyaNaih.

(Lo, the month of kArtik is here, the one which gladdens
people's minds !  The devotees of nArAyaNa light lamps
of celebration in this month !)

aDiyEn rAmAnuja-dAsan,
tirumanjanam Sundara Rajan.


Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2000 07:14:49 -0500
 From: Kamala <>
 Subject: Panchangam

 Hi... my name is Seshakamal.. and I have a question about this year's  
panchangam.  I'm from Mysore.... so our family follows the panchangam from  
Sampath Krishna Jyotisha... however.. he has made many mistakes in the
 printing.. it was not proof read before the final copy.. so I'm missing  
dates....... in my panchangam, navaratri came really early.... I need to  
know when Vishnu Deepam is this year, we have to do our Aanai Pandigai...I  
know it's supposed to come on Kartikai maasam Krithika nakshtram... the  
panchangam that I have has not outlined it clearly and I don't know the  
date...... Can some one help.  I'm a tengalai Hebbar Iyengar living in  
Montreal Canada..... you can send responses back to the list or to me  
Sri Aandaal Thiruvadigale Saranam


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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