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RE: Jyotisha and SriVaishnava

From: Sriram Ranganathan (
Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 22:29:41 PST

Dear Sri Bala Sundaram,

Here is my personal opinion and understanding about the subject, based on my
limited experience.

Shastras clearly stipulate that spiritual duties should conform to specific
time lines in terms of nakshatra, thithi etc. From what I understand, there
is no doubt regarding this, as far as vEdAs / Sri Vaishnavam is concerned.
Specific and clear guidelines are written and worked out by our AchAryAs
during the course of the year and also during special situations.

But as we all know, spirituality is intertwined in all (daily) activities
for a Sri Vaishnava and plays a larger role. We experience this in our
everyday life - from birth to death. For example, whether Sri Vaishnava or
not, a Hindu Indian family considers moving to a new house an auspicious
occasion. Therefore there is a stress on choosing a favorable day/time. In
other words, there is a 'holistic approach' to every day life, practiced
consciously or otherwise. Here certain events and astrology go hand in hand,
to some extent.

However, when it comes to duties other than spiritual consideration, there
is no mandatory regulation. Here, moderation and judgment are definitely
called for.  For e.g. if I am a physician and I had to do an emergency
surgery on a patient I cannot worry about 'rAgu' kAlam or 'yama kandam'. It
will turn out to be counter-productive. Therefore, all I can do is pray and
perform. The same applies to any other job barring a few. In the case of a
Vaideeka Brahmin, special rules come into play and hence it should not be
considered just another 'job'. A priest may not perform a marriage
immediately after conducting a 'shrArdham' or death ceremony.

And then, astrology per se relies upon a complex web of karmic consequence.
An individual's planetary position at a given time might be personally very
favorable, but based on his/her association with family & friends and their
own horoscopes, events shape up differently. So if one begins to worry about
it too much he will be left with only worries.

Bottomline - perform spiritual responsibilities per sAstric guidelines;
perform worldly duties un-attached and avoid conflict of interest.

Request fellow bhAgavathAs to correct me!


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From: Bala Sundaram []
Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2000 12:13 PM
Subject: Jyotisha and SriVaishnava

Respected Swami:

What role can jyothisa can have in a SriVaishnava's life?
Should it guide him in his daily decisions? Should he look for auspicious
times as per jyotisha shastra in performing his worldly and spiritual
Should be concerned about the effects of gochara(movement of planets)?
I heard a view(not from a SrVaishnava) that all planets are in the body od
Sriman Narayana and hence individual attention to he planets is not
necessary. Is this correct?

Kindly enlighten me.


D Bala sundaram ramanuja Dasan
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