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Srirama Bharathi attained Acharyan tiruvadi

From: Lakshmi Srinivas (
Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 18:40:35 PST

Dear List Members,

 I forward a message from a friend in India re Srirama Bharathi who 
has left us. Sriram, as he used to be called, was a brilliant  
student of Delhi University who went to the US (late 60's/early 70's) 
for his Ph D in Physics. During his thesis work, he is said to have 
attained an awakening and left forthwith for India whereupon he went 
back to his school in New Delhi and started teaching the students  
devotional hymns. Soon he got married and worked as an employee of 
the AIR. His true love was however the Divya Prabandham which he 
learnt formally under the aegis of the Vanamamalai Matham. He also 
obtained guidance on the difficult and intricate subject of Arayar 
Sevai. In his last years, he ran a Prabandham school for poor 
villagers in Pallikaranai in the outskirts of Madras and rendered 
yeomen service towards popularizing the vanishing art of Arayar 
Sevai. He has to his credit a scholarly work on Arayar Sevai and many 
tape recordings of the Alwar pasurams rendered in ragam. For the last 
few years, he was suffering from cancer. He has now succumbed to it. 

It is very hard to see in modern times a true bhagavatha like him  
who genuinely epitomized the spirit of service and sacrifice.

Warm Regards,


From:  G. Kameshwar []    
Subject:  Srirama Bharathi attained Acharyan Tiruvadi   
Sent:  11/8/00 1:26 AM 
 Importance:  Normal   

Regret to convey the sad news. The obit notice in today's 
Hindu reads as follows: 


SRIRAMA BHARATHI attained Acharyan Thiruvadi on Sunday 
5-11-2000. He has been propogating Divya Prabhandam 
through Araiyar Sevai at Thiru Narayana Swami Temple, 
Jalladianpet. Founder, Sadagopan Tirunarayana Swami 
Divya Prabandam Pathasala. Former, Deputy Director, 
Doordarshan, Trivandrum. Dasaham on 14-11-2000 at 
Sadagopan Tirunagar, Jalladianpet, Chennai-601302 


He was 51. Real sad. You know, thinking back and 
remembering him walking in Bharati Nagar, coming to school, 
taking off his chappals before entering the school gate, 
doing dandam namskaram to school and teachers, teaching 
songs sitting in front of the Saraswati statue, chanting 
divya prabandam along with his wife in Raamar koil... 

One more pillar has fallen. God takes good people early. 


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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