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Significance of Uttarayana and Shukla Paksha at the time of Passing Away

From: Sheela Belur (
Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 12:52:19 PST

Dear Members,

Can some learned members of this group throw some light on the
significance of the desire to shed this mortal body when Uttarayana
and Shukla Paksha are prevailing? Is it something to do with the
belief that when the Soul of a Mumukshu leaves the body and is on
Archradi marga on its way to Paramapada? Could it be that, since it
has to be welcomed by Uttarayana Devatha and Shukla Paksha devatha,
and if the time happens to be Krishna Paksha and/or Dakshinayana, the
soul has to wait for the appropriate duration (ie 15 days and/or 6
months, as the case may be) to be able to meet these devathas and
hence delayed in reaching Paramapada?

Please pardon me if my questions are not appropriate.

Humble regards


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