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Thiruppaanaazhwar 's AmalanadhipirAn: Part II

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 05:16:48 PST

Dear BhakthAs :
Parama Padha Vaasi Sri Dindukkal Ramaswamy Iyengar 
Known for his devotion to Lord varadarAjan 
was also a great scholar of Swamy Desikan's
Sri Kosams . 

Here is a translation of the ten verses of AmalanaahdipirAn 
as per Sri U.Ve.D.Ramaswamy Iyengar of blessed memory .

Paasuram 1:

Sri Ranganathan is (1) ever pure (2) the primordial
being (3) the great benefactor (4)the ever-blemishless
One consigning me to the service of the devoted 
(5) the Lord of the celestials (6) the Resident of 
Venkatam with fragrant groves (7)the One who has no
faults (8)the One ever remaining unaffected by 
the faults (of devotees)(9)the One residing in His
righteous Paramapadham(10) He is my Lord of Arangam 
with its long ramparts.

His radiant lotus feet appear as if they have come 
into, and are , in my eyes.

Paasuram 2:

The Lord of Arangam with tall and erect head-ornament , 
which pierced the higher worlds , measured the world with
great delectation in His heart. He is the scion of 
the race of kakuth ( an early king of the solar race),
whose sharp and stinging arrows devoured the rakshasAs ,
who confronted Him (then).My mind has gone towards 
the reddish pithAmbharam worn by Him in His waist .

Pasasuram 3:

The Lord reclining on the serpent couch in Srirangam.
is the Lord , who stood on the great Venkatam mountain 
in the north , with monkeys running hither and 
thither,--in order that the celestials may worship
Him there at the Thiru Venkata dhivya dEsam .

The twilight-colored pithAmbharam of that Lord 
( Sri RanganAthan) and the shining navel above it , 
which created the (four-faced) BrahmA on it ,
is the place of rest for my mind's sweet soul.

The Fourth Paasuram:

That Ocean-hued Lord (Sri Rama),who after driving RavaNA 
once , later aimed a specially powered sharp arrow and
made the ten heads of the ruler of LankA (surrounded by
square and immense ramparts), drop down,--that Lord of
Srirangam is now my sole relation and protector  .There
at Srirangam , the  bees sing sweetly and big peacocks 
dance gaily. The waist-band around His lovely stomach 
pleasantly strolls about within my mind.

The Fifth Paasuram:

Having cut asunder the firm hold of ancient and heavy
load of sins of mine , He (the Lord) has made me His 
(exclusive ) slave ;not only that , but He has also entered 
into me. (For achieving this), What great and severe 
penance has been performed by me (or by Him) , I do not
know.(But this I see)It is the chest of my Lord of 
Srirangam beautified by Lakshmi and the garland of
wild flowers (Vyjayanthi) that has captured and 
captivated me.

The Sixth Paasuram:

He , who dispelled the grief of Paramasiva having
the white crescent moon (in His head) , is my Lord
who has come to the city of Arangam surrounded by 
groves in which live (swarms of ) bees with charming 
wings.His throat which ( once upon a time) completely 
swallowed the worlds inhabited by a class of people
known as Andar and the world beyond those worlds ,
and this unique big earth, and also the seven 
KulAchalAs ,--that throat , it is that has saved
me--behold !

The Seventh Paasuram:

He holds in His hands the conch with winding
rekha , and the fiery wheel (chakra). He has a body 
like an elongated hill . He with the long kireetA 
exuding in in abundance the fragrance of the TuLasi
is our father and saviour . His (coral lips) and 
red mouth , alas ,has enticed and carried away my mind.

The Eighth Paasuram:

That primordial Benefactor tore into shreds
the asuran ( HiraNyakasipu) , who came to assault Him 
with his massive body. He is not easily accessible 
or available to the devAs (like BrahmA ,SivA , IndrA et al).
Those big eyes in the face of that Amalan of Arangam , which 
are dark ,spread out on all sides , always restless 
(inquiring about the Yoga KshEmam of His bhakthAs)
with red streaks running (across) , and very long ,--
they have bewitched me simply and made a fool of me.

The Ninth Paasuram:

He who is now reclining on the serpent couch
at Srirangam  was (seen once upon a time as) 
a non pareil (comparisonless) baby on the leaf of 
a banyan tree , having consumed (devoured) the seven
worlds . 

The blue-tinted ThirumEni of endless dazzle 
of that Lord adorned by a beautiful garland 
studded with big and priceless gems ,
and an equally grand and glorious pearl garland ,
has , alas , destroyed the feeling of fullness
and satisfaction in my mind.

The Tenth Paasuram:

My eyes which have seen my nectar , Lord
RanganAthan , who has the colour of the clouds ,
whose mouth ate butter  when He became a cowherd ,
who stole my heart , who is the ruler over all 
the worlds and their residents--those eyes of mine
will not see anything else anymore after seeing Him.

AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , V.SatakOpan   


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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