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Rajamudi & Asthatheertham at Melukote -- An Overview.

From: Malolan Cadambi (
Date: Tue Nov 07 2000 - 10:47:14 PST

sri yadugiri nAchiyar sametha sri cheluva nArAyana parabrahmane namaha:
srimathe rAmAnujAya namaha:

shrisham namAmi shirasA yadushaila deepam!

Dear Bhaktas,

(This overview is based on adiyEn's stay at ThirunArAyanapuram
(Melukote) from 5th November 2000 till 7th November 2000. Rajamudi and
Asthatheeratham were conducted at Melukote and this write up is based on
adiyEn's experience during those utsavams. The routines may not be the

"Chella pillaye vArum" ---- Wodeyavar Ramanujar

Along with Sri Prasanna Venkatesh and Sri Bhaskar adiyEn left to Meukote
from Bangalore at 5:30 AM(Indian Standard Time) on Sunday Morning.
Surprisingly, the bus ride was fast and we reached Melukote at 9:30 AM.
It take approximately 4 hours by bus at the average speed of 60 kmph (37

We halted at Sri Vivekaullasani Sabha. The Sabha has well furnished
rooms with modern bath facilities.

We first obtained the blessings from Sri Vendanta Desikar.We first went
to Desikar Sannidhi.
We were right in time for Mantrapushpam at ThirunArayanar temple (TT).
We had the bhagyam of carrying the utsava moothi of Bhutad Alwar. 5th
November was the nakshatram of bhutad alwar. Both of us were joined by
Sri Manavalan and Sri Kannan from Alwar Thirunagari.

Sri Prasanna Venkatesh, who is the disciple of Madurai T.N.Sheshagopalan
sang select paasurams in the sannidhi of ThirunArayanar.

We attended Sathurmarai at the Sannidhi of Sri Parama-padanathan. The
sannidhi of Prama padanathan is within the temple of thirunArAnayar.
Next, we moved on to the sannishi of Yadugiri Naachiyar and finally to
the Sannidhi of Wodeyavar ramanujar.

As soon as wee finised Sathumarai at TT, we went on uphill to obtain the
blessings of Sri Yoga Narasimhar. We were right in time for Abhishekam.
We recited the purusha sooktham during abhishekam. We later visited the
Bila Dwaram. The Bila Dwaram is a cave within the mountain, which goes
right under the feet of Sri Yoganarasimhar. It is said the Sri
Prahaladan performed Yoga in the Bila Dwaram.

In the evening, Rajamudi was held and the next day Asthatheertham was
held. adiyen will write on these utsavams shortly.It would be better
presented in small parts.

We reached Bangalore at 5:00 PM on Tuesday(7th November 2000).

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