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Mudhal AzhwArs' Thirunakshathrams

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sat Nov 04 2000 - 22:14:22 PST

Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:

Dearest Srivaishnavas,

PoigaiAzhwAr, BhoothatthAzhwAr and PEyAzhwAr are the three mudhal (first) 
AzhwArs who were not only contemporary azhwArs; but were born on three 
consecutive days in SiddhArti year, Aiyppasi month on TiruvONam, Avittam and 
sadhayam nakshathrams respectively ;and the babies appeared on flowers of 
different kind (and not were born like us actually!- They are ayOnijars). 
PoigaiAzhwAr, was born (made to appear by the Lord) in kancheepuram, while 
bhoodaththAr in mahabalipuram and pEyAzhwAr in thirumylai (present 

1. PoigaiAzhwAr, an incarnation of MahAvishNu's paanchjanyam (Divine conch, 
sanghu in Tamil) is also called Adhi kavi. poigaiAr appeared on the ThAmarai 
mottu (lotus bud) in a pond in tiruvekka near kancheepuram.

2. BhoothaththAzhwAr appeared in a flower called "kurukkaththi"(?) in a 
garden at kadalmallai port of pallava rajyam (kingdom) in mahAbalipuram 
(south of madras). He was an incarnation of Divine mace (called kaumOdaki) 
of our Lord mahAvishNu.

3. PEyAzhwAr, as an incarnation of the sword of mahAvishNu (called nandaki), 
appeared in sevvalli (Red alli-lily) flower in a well of AdhikEsava perumAL 
koil at mylapore (in madras).

November 4th, 5th and 6th are the Thirunakshathams of these three Great 

Let us dwell one prabhandham each to pay our obeisance to them.

1. PoigaiAzhwAr says: (Mudhal Thirubanthaathi- 64th pAsuram)

nayavEn piRar poruLai; naLLEn keezhaarodu;
uyavEn uyarndhavarOdallaal- viyavEn
Thirumaalai alladhu deivam enRu yEtthEn
varumaaRu en nammEl vinai?

An advice to us.. Let us not desire or long for others' objects /properties; 
Let us not associate with keezh (lowly ) people (those who do not recognise 
Emperumaan Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan's Parathvam); Let us associate 
ourselves with Devotees and get saved (by learning from them). (How do we do 
all this? AzhwAr asks us as a reply query..) If we pray to Thirumaal (Sriman 
Narayanan alone) as the One and Only Deivam (Lord) and lead our lives, How 
any harm or sin (paapam) will come to us? (It can never come).

2. BhUtatthAzhwAr says: (IraNdaam Thiruvanthaathi- 45 th pAsuram)

uLandhu enRu iRumaavaar uNdillai enRu
thaLardhanalathanarugum saaraar- aLvariya
vEdatthAn vEmkatatthAn viNNOr mudi thOyum
paadhatthAn pAdham paNinndhu

Yet another instruction to us!  Let us not jump to the skies, if we (are 
blessed to) get some thing  (like getting a pay hike; or some bonus; a 
promotion, whatever-); nor shall we feel depressed and feel remorse and cry 
should we miss any thing. We should always think that everything is 
Bhagavath sankalpam. When does one get sucha manObhAvam (such balanced bent 
of mind)? azhwAr says: It will come to only those who have surrenederd to 
the Lotus Feet of the Lord Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan- The Lord of Vedas- 
ThiruvEmakatatthaan- Srinivasan (at whose Feet one vcan see the crowns of 
Nithyasooris). (so, now do we know how to get a balanced mind? YES..)

3. PEyAzhwAr says:

nenjAl ninaippu aRiyan yElum nilai peRREn
nenjamE pEsAi ninaikkumkAl --nenjatthup
pErAdhu niRkum perumAnai yen kolO
OrAthu niRpathuNarvu

Oh my dear mind! Even if the Lord is not so easy to be realized in His 
fullest entirety by meditation , please be firm and involve yourself in the 
utterance of His divine names and become blessed. you praise Him 
steadfastly. Why is it that you are distracted to other sensual pleasure and 
material subjects , when the object of your meditation, the Lord Sriya: 
Pathi sriman Narayanan is so accessible to you without separation even when 
you think of Him just once ? (ninaikkum kaal nenjatthu pErAthu niRkum 
perumAnai uNarvu OrAthu nirpathu yen kol)

Mudhal AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan
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