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Periya Thirumozhi- 11.4- His Feet crossing the upper world is the One to save us

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Date: Sun Nov 05 2000 - 00:09:46 PST

Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:
Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

When Parakalanayaki (ThirumangaiAzhwAr ) expressed Her happiness of being 
blessed to offer flowers at the feet of the Lord of Thiruvaali (in the last 
ten), Emperumaan says: Is the archAvathAram alone is our coming into our 
Earth? No. I had taken many avtaars (vibhava avtaars like Rama, Krishna et 
al) in order to show myself to devotees and move with them. AzhWar immerses 
himself into the greatness of vibhvaavtaars. “He will never leave us. He is 
so merciful” says AzhwAr.

1. There was waters everywhere during praLayam, and it engulfed even deva 
lOkams. They (Devas) went and prayed to the Lord (as there is none else 
above Him to save them) “There is no rakshakam for us” (maRRu emakkOr saraN 
illai). “I will be your rakshakan (araN aavan) said the most merciful Lord. 
He took a Huge Fish form (mathsyam), making the wavy oceans under His 
stomach get churned; having the mountains on His back. Pay obeisance to this 
SarvEshwaran all times without fail, oh mind! (maRavaadhu iRainju en mananE)

2. The most strongest, shining Vasuki snake became the rope for the Lord. 
Sending shivers through everyone on the earth and Deva lokams, the Lord, (in 
order to enable Devas and asurAs to churn the milky ocean), took the Huge 
manthara mountain on His Back, as Koorma avtaar (Huge Tortoise), so that the 
mountain will not topple. Inaddition, He also held the mountain firm. Such 
Greatest SarvEshwaran is our unparalleled Rakshakan, the most merciful Lord, 
who is the Divine Consort of PiraaTTi. (Thirumaal namakkOr araNE..)

3. Emperumaan took HUGE Varaaha (Boar) avtaar, with the cool, sweet, moon, 
the hot sun, Devas, the seven Deva lokams, the mEru mountain, the six kula 
parvathams (mountains), seven oceans, and all others at the same time 
staying underneath His toe nails (kaal kuLambu). (This is to imagine 
/perceive the size of Boar). He grew so Huge. He is the Primary Cause of 
these worlds. He is the Savior of these worlds. (Rakshakan). This Varaha 
moorthy is the Lord- the King, enslaving and ruling us. (Adhi mun yEnamAgi 
araNaaya moorthy- adhu nammai Alum arasE)..

4. This PerumAn is the One who took Nrusimha avtaar, when Prahalada was 
undergoing suffering. The flower garland that hung upto the thighs, moving 
from side to side; the ruddy lined two eyes, sending fiery sparks from them 
with anger and ferocity, He came as Narasinga Roopi. He tore effortlessly 
the strongest body of HiraNyan (who had obtained his strength from chathur 
mukha brahmA with his penance) and killed him. The flood of blood from 
HiraNyan’s body became three times the deluge waters during mahApraLayam 
even. (read this pAsuram with rhyming Tamil- and the strong words to reflect 
the ferocity and speed of Narasimhan) (piLavazha vitta kutta madhvaiya moodu 
peru neeril mummai peridhE)

5. Emperumaan, as little dwarf (in Vaamana avtaar),  walked into the 
yaagasaalai  of mahAbhali, the strong one about whom everyone on the earth 
and in Deva lokam was fearing. He became a small brahmachari, who recite 
Vedas and who knows the Vedic truth, who recite Vedas and perform 
ansuhatanams in accordance with vedas, and begged three measures of earth 
from bhali. While obtaining what he asked for, He grew SO HUGE and tall 
taking Trivikrama avtaar, enabling Chathur mukha brahMA and the Moon paying 
their obeisance at His Feet (in the sky) from their respective positions. 
This Lotus Feet that had crossed all the upper worlds is the only one that 
can save us. (antharam yEzhinoodu selavuyttha paadham adhu nammai Alum 

6. SarvEshwaran, (The Divine Consort of BhUmi PiraaTTi, The Chief of Periya 
PiraaTTi, the Nirvaahakan of the most Beautiful NeeLa dEvi, the One who took 
the entire Universe during praLayam in His stomach and brought it back 
after, through His large mouth), took ParasurAma avtaar, and destroyed the 
21 generations of adharmic (non- virtuous) kings, with His Parasu (plough) 
by walking in the battle fields. This Emperumaan alone saves us at all 
times, enslaving us. We are His eternal servants is the meaning.

7. In order to separate PiraaTTi (SitA- the darting, spear like eyed, most 
beautiful One), rAvaNan hiding near the hut (parNa saalai) sent the 
maareechan as a most beuatiful golden deer. “Oh such a great looking 
wonderful pretty deer”- wondered SitA PiraaTTi and Rama piraan killed this 
deer, chasing the same. Also He destroyed the lankA of most cruel rAvaNan by 
aiming string of arrows in the battlefield. This most strongest merciful 
Lord, is the Divine Consort of Periya PiraaTTi (who is our mediatrix 
recommending our case to this SarvEshwaran). This Lord if our unparalleled 

8.	 When the darkness engulfed the seven worlds once, Devas, not knowing the 
cause and solution for the darkness, wondering as to what is the reason for 
the same, when will it ever end, - the most beautiful (yezhil) sacred Vedas 
had been snatched away and captured by asuran and disappeared. The Lord, 
again blessed and saved the Devas by taking Hamsa avtaar (Swan) got the 
Vedas back and blessed Devas and Sages with Vedic Dharma saashtrams. This 
Parama jyOthi, is the King who always rules us. We are His servants 

9. Oh devotes who are interested to know Bhagavath vishayam! Pay obeisance 
to Emperumaan without considering that there is some other hold for us other 
than Him. His leelAs are: He sucked the poisonous breast of Poothanai, who 
had actually come in disguise to kill the infant Kutti KaNNan; He got 
Himself tied down to a mortar by His mother YashOdhA and he crawled dragging 
the strong mortar also along with Him, went in between the two trees to 
break them. Such greatest most wonderful Emperumaan alone is the One who can 
bless us to get all our sins removed. It is certain.

10. This ten is about the greatness of Srivallabhan, Our Master- the One who 
had sent the fiery arrows from his Divine Bow at lanKA and crushed the same; 
who had killed the huge strong, cruel Kuvalayaapeetam elephant. It is 
composed by Kaliyan of Thirumangai. Those who sing this ten as their 
pastime, will be blessed to rule the Parama padham

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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