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How to stay on track?

From: raghu M (
Date: Sun Nov 05 2000 - 09:23:10 PST

Dear All,
Jai Sreemannarayana!

With great love and complete surrender to
the Lotus feet of my a:charya, this is an
attempt to translate some of the sargas in
Sundara Kanda Tattva Deepika authored by
U.Ve Sriman Sri Bhasyam Appalacharya Swamivaru.
This is in continuation of an article posted

Om namaha parama rushibyaha namaha parama rushibhyaha!
Raghu Ramanuja Dasa;


One who has committed sins has no right to seek "siddhi"!

Q) What do you mean by "pa:pam" or commiting sins?
A) pa:pam is nothing but that blocks attainment of our Lord

Q) What is this mental block that is preventing us from
attaining our Lord?
A) The thoughts of "me, I, mine, because of me" are the
blocks that are preventing us from attaining our Lord.

Q) What do you mean by "siddhi"?
A) "Siddhi" is nothing but attaining the Lord.

This is exactly what Seethamma told Ravana.

Seetha says "Hey Ravana, I am a pativrata and belong to
a highly respected family". Saying this Seethamma
turns her back to Ravana and continues her upadesam.
She says, "I belong to Sri Rama, and only belong to him.
Why don't you think about Dharma? You better behave

Seethama, a complete icon of mother in her upadesam says
"Aren't there any good folks in your kigdom to advice
you of what is right and what is wrong? Even if people
say the right things and the proper code of conduct
don't you listen to them? I think it is quite obvious
that you cannot seek advice or seek help and your
you have totally lost your senses. If people like you
rule countries, self-sufficient states and countries
will be destroyed due to your wavering mind unable to
grasp the righteous path."
Seethamma continues to try to guide Ravana by saying
"Just because you alone made this mistake your whole
Lanka will be destroyed. Hey Ravana, the sins you
have committed and the sins you are commiting will get
you killed and all the bhootas will rejoice your
demise.  Everyone will be happy thinking that
this crooked fellow is luckily dead"

Seethamma says,
"sakya lo:bhayithum na:ham yaisvarye:na dhanena va
ananya: raghave ham bha:skare:na prabha: yadha:"

Oh Ravana, you tried to entice me with various offers
but I am not of that kind. Just like you cannot
separate sunlight from sun, you cannot separate me
from my Rama".

Seethamma clearly says that she is none other than
Lakshmi devi. One who is always with bhagavan is
Lakshmi devi. Lord Rama is none other than Paramatma.
The relationship between Seetha-Rama is the relation-
ship between Lakshmi-Narayana. One who controls all
the worlds is Rama. That is the reason He is
Sarvesvara and wealth belongs to him. Seethamma
hints to Ravana, "I am Lakshmi. So all the wealth
in this creation is mine. So how can you even think
that tiny things you possess can divert my
association with the Lord of this Creation?
So your best bet, even now is to hand me over to
Lord Rama"

Seethamma, like we discussed yesterday is us (atma).
There are many obstacles that will try to destroy us.
These Ravana like obstacles will try to entice us,
divert us, encourage us to take the wrong path.
Seethamma clearly show us how deep and clear our faith
in the Lord should be. We belong to Paramatma,
we are His, and He owns us and unfortunately our mind
is after wealth and fame which is distancing us from
our Lord. be continued...

Jai Sreemannarayana.

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