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rise in the no.of vaishnavas

From: Venkateswara rao (
Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 08:46:34 PST

Dear devotees,

yes, its true in this modern society many people at
least at their mid ages start searching for some
spiritual knowledge, which can actually releives them
from mundane matters and to understand the the goal of
manava janma. there is lot of confusion among people
at what point to start and in which direction to go.
if we people who are already tasting the benifits and
fruits of srivaishnava with the great blessings of
Sadacharyas, throw some light on these people to help
them to understand the concepts of visistadvaita
really works. there is no doubt in the rising number
of srivaishnavas.
here in delhi we students in our institutes are doing
at our level best to show people the right direction
with the help of knowledge we got from our

venkatesa ramanujadasa,
new delhi.

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