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Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 05:17:28 PST

Thiruvengada Jeeyar thiruvadigale saranam.

Sri rukmiNI samEta pArthasArathi parabrahmaNE namah.

Dear Sriman Bharat,


, 3 Nov 2000 06:53:40 +0530 "BHARATH" wrote:

> 2.  Is there a comprehensive list of Sri Vaishnava temples of south India

> available ?
>	with names addresses , state by state and district by district
> classifications with brief notes on the temples and how to get there ?
> if not I wish some of the Sri V  organisations would collect such
> information perhaps from the HR & CE dept and publish it .
> One Sri  SK . Ramachandra Rao has authored a book on the complete list of

> temples in karnataka , The book has been very useful to me in seeking out

> old Sri V 
> temples and visiting them .In most of the the hoysala temples the beauty
> and grace of the moolavar capitvates me .

Divya Desa Vaibhava Prakasika of Ubhaya Vedanta Sabha, Pentapadu, gives
account of a good number of temples in Andhra Pradesh and also a few
abhimana sthalams outside Andhra, in addition to the 108 DDs. The book is
in telugu and you can please contact the secretary for	a copy:

Sriman N.V.L.N.Ramanujacharyulu garu
Ubhaya Vedanta Sabha
PIN: 534166
> 3. It also occured to me that considering that Sri Vaishnavas are a
> vanishing tribe some initiative could be taken to prepare a directory of
> Srivaishnavas .It appears to me that practising Sri Vaishnava's ( ie
> those who who follow at least minimum traditions at birth , Upanayanam ,
> Marrirage etc plus minimum customs like vegetarianism and even simple
> puja ) 
> are a reducing tribe and will reduce to a few tens of thousands in the
> next 30 years , considering the pace of emigration and loss of cultural
> identity within 2 generations and also westernisation of India . 
> a directory may come in useful in many ways to keep a reducing community
> in touch with each other .

While a directory will be very much helpful and we should all work for it,
I don't think emigration is a serious problem for a few reasons:

1.Most of the major SV websites are maintained from the other side of the
world except which is from Hyd.

2. If we see bhakti list, most of the very good articles and majority of
members are from abroad which means people have not forgottwen the

3.Majority of SVs are still in India.

4. Compared to other communities in South India, migration of people is not
that much in ours.
5. America is a secular country.

6. We are still one of the least westernised communities in India.

However, emigration whether it is a problem for the nation is another issue
(whihc is beyond the scope of the forum) and I am personally not in its

Educating children in mother tongue, contributing for the all-round
development of nation, and all such things will help very much for the
growth of the vaidika sampradAyam i.e for keeping our tradition alive. 

One major problem in S India is organizations like RSS do not have much
influence here. 

Alwar Emberumanar Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Saranam
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