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From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 04:24:57 PST

Dear Sri Bharath:

At 06:53 AM 11/3/00 +0530, you wrote:
>1. Sri Ramanuja is supposed to have set up 74 matha's or simhasnapatis for
the propagation of Srivaishnava philosophy .  Could anyone tell me where I
can find the list of the above ? 

The names of the 74 SimhAsanApathis are available 
in Guru paramparA books. There are no physical locations
that you will find them in .
>2.  Is there a comprehensive list of Sri Vaishnava temples of south India
available ?
>      with names addresses , state by state and district by district
classifications with brief notes on the temples and how to get there ?
>if not I wish some of the Sri V  organisations would collect such
information perhaps from the HR & CE dept and publish it .
>One Sri  SK . Ramachandra Rao has authored a book on the complete list of
temples in karnataka , The book has been very useful to me in seeking out
old Sri V 
>temples and visiting them .In most of the the hoysala temples the beauty
and grace of the moolavar capitvates me .

There are many books not only about
the South Indian Temples , but alsoabout
all the 108 dhivya desams sung by the 12 AzhwArs.

Some of these monographs are in Text and
others are with color images. Some have maps 
of locations. Some are on the Web .Please 
search the web.

We are in the middle of creating a CD ROM of
all 108 dhivya desam .We are making steady progress.
A sampler is available at URL:
The full CD ROM will have much more information. 

The full CD ROM on Azhwars and 108 Dhivya desam
( a companion piece to AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM )
will help address the information shortage in a format
that will be welcome to youngsters growing away 
from home .
>3. It also occured to me that considering that Sri Vaishnavas are a
vanishing tribe some initiative could be taken to prepare a directory of
Srivaishnavas .It appears to me that practising Sri Vaishnava's ( ie those
who who follow at least minimum traditions at birth , Upanayanam , Marrirage
etc plus minimum customs like vegetarianism and even simple puja ) 
>are a reducing tribe and will reduce to a few tens of thousands in the next
30 years , considering the pace of emigration and loss of cultural identity
within 2 generations and also westernisation of India . 
>a directory may come in useful in many ways to keep a reducing community in
touch with each other .

This is an ambitous and at the same time a hopeless
effort since all Sri VaishNavAs do not have access
to computers.Then , there are privacy issues.Networking
and seeking a SadAchAryan is the sure way to maintain
and nourish the sampradhAyam.



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